What is a memory foam pillow?

A Memory Foam Pillow is considered to be one of the most comfortable pillow. It is due to its ability to mould itself according to the contours of an individual’s neck and head. This ensures that the neck and headrest comfortably into the pillow. These contours help in evenly distributing the weight of the body. This alleviates any pressure from just the neck.

Why should you purchase a memory foam pillow?

Unlike generic pillows, a memory foam pillow is firmer. It keeps the neck from suffering due to increased pressure.

Similar to a latex pillow, they mould themselves according to the sleeper. However, their biggest advantage over a latex pillow is that they are lower maintenance.Latex pillows cannot be washed or dried like a regular pillow. A memory foam pillow, although still not that easy to clean, can be washed with water, unlike a latex pillow.

If you suffer from backache, a thin memory foam pillow can be placed under the knees to ensure that the back is relieved of any strenuous pressure. This memory foam will take shape of the contour of the knee. However, it would still be firm enough to ensure that the back is relieved of pressure.

Certain memory foam pillows are built with special air pockets that help in keeping the pillow cool and increases its breathability. Thus, even stomach sleepers can use those pillows. Stomach sleepers/ neck would thus get the required support while being able to breathe freely if sleeping face down.

Even for individuals who suffer from neck ache, a memory foam pillow can shape itself according to a person’s requirement and thus provide adequate support. The Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow ensures that the pressure of holding the head rests upon the firm pillow and not the neck. This upholds a neutral angle for the neck and head, thus alleviating neck ache.

An Ikea platform bed, when used with a bob o pedic memory foam mattress ensures that the body gets proper support during sleep. The height and structure of the bed and the mattress make relieve any backache or neck ache.

What are the drawbacks of a memory foam pillow?

The biggest drawback of a memory foam pillow is its heat retention capability. The memory foam moulds itself using an individual’s body heat. Thus, it does have a tendency to retain heat and feel uncomfortable over time.

However, newer advances in a memory foam pillow have incorporated air pockets to keep the pillow cool.

Memory Foam Pillows take some time to return to their natural state. Thus, if someone changes their sleeping position frequently throughout the night, they would have to constantly wait for the pillow to return to its shape before settling in it again. This could be frustrating and physically uncomfortable in the long run.

There is a pungent chemical smell in new memory foam products. This spell could be a big disadvantage for people with a sensitive nose. It could stand in the way of a good night’s sleep.

The best memory foam pillow is hence one that is suitable to an individual’s needs.

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