Many women suffer from the issue of loose and inelastic skin which makes them feel self-conscious. There are different reasons for this like age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or genetics that can affect the skin. In this guide, we are going to discuss whether the breast implant is necessary with a breast lift procedure.

Women who undergo the procedure of breast lift surgery often wonder do they need breast implants. Well, the answer depends on the patient’s conditions and what results they are looking for. There are 2 important questions which can help you make the right decision.

Are you looking to have larger breasts?

You are happy with the volume and do need the breast size to be large then the implant is not needed. If the implant is added in terms of volume then breast size will be bigger.

What you are looking in breast shape?

If the patient is looking for a fuller appearance in the upper part of the breast then the implant can be a perfect choice for you. With the implant, you will get long-term fullness like a stable implant or gummy bear. Keep in mind there are different procedures of breast augmentation and by consulting the doctor you can make the right decision.

General Guideline

How the implant is helpful?

  • Implants are designed in a way that will increase breast volume. They won’t help in lifting but the women with smaller chest when choose implant it can help to eliminate the sag in a small amount.
  • The chest size is increased with implants but it is not sure the sagginess issue is eliminated in every case. The large implants will not fix the issue if the breast is sagging. You will have sagging and large breasts. The breast lift either along or before implant will make the results the better.

Is there a need to get a breast lift?

  • When you visit the doctor for a consultation they will help to determine whether a breast lift is the right procedure for you or not to get the desired results. The most important factor to make this decision is the nipple placement on the breast.
  • With age, the breast volume sags as it shifts in the lower breast. In most cases, the lift is needed the breast tissues are below the nipple. Also, if the nipple is pointing downwards then also this procedure is needed.

Can I get a breast lift and breast implant at one time?

In many cases, breast implant and breast lift can be combined. During the surgery, the doctor will lift the breast, reposition them, and if needed the nipple is resized. Once this is done the implant is placed. This way the patient can get an increase in volume and perkiness by combining 2 separate procedures.

In case the breast sagging is in excess (degree of ptosis) then 2 surgeries are needed. Firstly the breast lift will be done then implant. By combining the procedures the downtime will be less and you will recover in less time as compared to normal.

Consult the doctor

Simply keep in mind that every patient is different so when you consult the doctor they will give you a personalized treatment plan which suits your body type the best. If you have any doubts in your mind or think this procedure is right for you then schedule your consultation today only.