Going to the office every day, the bright colour of the sun has burned the mind grumpy? Don’t you want to get into the water because you don’t want to get the impression of tan on your face after enjoying in the sea? Do you feel sad about the suppressed skin colour from a young age? You don’t have to sit on the beach anymore in full-sleeved clothes in fear of Tan. Even in the heat of the sun, the skin colour can be kept the same as before. After a few months of treatment with some special sunscreen and injections, the colour of the skin will become brighter. Beauty, the glamour will fall. And the cost of treatment is within the reach of the middle class.

Is it really possible to get back the bright colours? Many people come to me with such questions. Many suffer emotionally, especially for the pressed colour. Most of them break their dreams even after applying many creams on the market with the dream of becoming fair. In fact, in some cases, family members still have to listen to sarcasm for skin colour, marriages break up, and Dusky children may not succeed in certain field job tests. It is a social problem. It is very important to change this mentality of society. Let me first say one thing, the light tan color is very beautiful. Learn to love yourself. If there is a lack of confidence in skin colour. Then let’s start the treatment.

Before talking about how to treat paleness, we would like to make it clear to the reader that once the treatment is done, if you do not take special precautions, the results will not be available in the long run. And black skin never turns white at once. However, it is possible to make a lot brighter. And because of this, the patient’s look changes really huge.

Why colour is the difference?

Whether one is fair or black, whether one’s skin colour is white or Asian depends on the melanocyte cells in the skin. The melanin pigment in these cells determines the colour of the skin. The amount and concentration of melanin in their skin cells are low. Eumelanin pigments are present in the bodies of Asians, Indians and Africans. The amount and concentration of melanin in such skin cells are high. So skin colour is suppressed compared to whites. Melanin is more concentrated in the skin of those whose skin colour is suppressed from an early age.

Why does the tan fall?

Immediate pigment darkening is the problem of darkening of the skin after standing in the sun for 2-3 hours. What happens in this case? Melanocyte cells make melanin and store it in a ball-like part called the melanosomes. That ball contains melanin colour. When exposed to the sun, more melanin is released from the melanoma. That’s when the skin colour becomes dark. After resting at home for a while, the skin colour becomes the same as before. But those who go to the sun every day without an umbrella, sunscreen or go for a walk on the sea-beach do not get IPD. In that case, Tan becomes a companion for about 10-15 days. This is called sustain pigment. In this case, melanin is constantly coming out of the ball. If the skin is burnt in the sun in this way, the tan can also become permanent.

In addition to the sun, there are some skin diseases like DLE, but the concentration of melanin is higher and more excreted. Melanin tends to spread more, especially when using poor-quality cosmetics. Although allergies to make-up cause dermatitis, there are some changes in the melanoma that result in darkening of the skin. In addition, although there is a difference in the balance of hormones in the body, there are some metabolic changes, which also causes the skin to darken. The same problem occurs when melanocytes are more stimulated as side effects of some drugs.

Apply sunscreen on the advice of a dermatologist before going out in the sun. Check if the makeup is of good quality. In addition, even after doing some special facial treatments with a regular dermatologist, the tan is cut off. The skin stays radiant.