Babies conceived through the IVF treatment remains the same as other kids as the physical attributes as well as mental capacity will be concerned. And they get into this world as the same as carried in women’s womb for nine months continuously they delivered through a doctor. If you are thinking of taking a ivf procedure in chennai you can visit one of the best hospitals to treat.

The pregnancy period will be the everything that happens in every woman’s life, whether they are going to conceive in the processes of natural or with IVF. But in this, not everyone will see success in conceiving a kid without the complication nowadays. IVF treatment is especially found for couples who were experiencing infertility issues due to several factors. That infertility indicates that it is unable to produce the baby even if it happens with so many attempts. In that situation, you are required to take the treatment of IVF. Before that, make sure to discuss with your doctor regarding the problem that occurs and why does it happen. Is this IVF procedure better to take in that situation or not?


Some millions of couples ask about this IVF baby regarding how babies will be born with IVF? So, the answer is the same as normal babies. Absolutely, yes, the IVF born through babies will be healthy as naturally conceive a baby. So, no one can take any tension about this; in fact, the babies born with IVF will be too intelligent compared to normal babies. To understand anatomy, you need to know how IVF procedure works and is there any variation among IVF and naturally conceived babies.


 IVF Treatment Takes  Nearly Six Weeks:


Step 1: Primary Specialist Appointment

At the first appointment, the doctor will ask your health history along with previous treatments. For these tests, both the partners need to attend, and these tests will be done to advise you the treatment option to take for further steps. 


Step 2: Pre-treatment discussion

You need to visit the fertility specialist, to confirm the treatment plan, and at this time, you can ask the doubts whatever you have regarding the treatment and all. 


Step 3: Treatment starts

First doctor writes some medicine to take and explains the procedure cycle timeline. And they will be recommending you to visit along with your partner.

Step 4: Hormone stimulation

Follicle Hormone remains determined by a diabetic-style pen that will excite the ovaries to create more eggs. You have a higher possibility of obtaining fertilization as well as pregnancy when they collect a number of eggs.

Step 5: Treatment monitoring

During the procedure they will be doing the blood tests including hormone levels. It helps to determine the proper time for embryo collection. 


Step 6: Trigger injection

When you get a specific amount of follicles, they start collecting the eggs. You will have an injection that terms as hCG during the evening. 


Step 7: Embryo transfer

In this, they will be doing a surgery scheme and normally takes place six days later at the egg gathering. In some situations, they may suggest transferring the embryos earlier.


Step 8: Pregnancy test

They will be doing the pregnancy test even though the woman is with periods along with her partner. They do not support the use of urinary pregnancy analysis kits, as some hormone medication provided throughout the procedure may produce an unreliable reading.


The pregnancy blood test outputs are normally available through mid-afternoon. With this test, if you get the positive, then they will provide you one an ultrasound scan nearly three weeks later. This is the procedure that happens when you start taking the IVF treatment. You can also visit for ivf treatment in hyderabad.