It is not too early to stock essential items for your customers for this year’s spring season. People will obviously look forward to updating their wardrobes to brighten up their looks to match the weather. When purchasing wholesale clothing, ensure to find one with trendy items for the forthcoming spring season.

Designers have already unleashed new trends and collection for spring. Now is a great moment to get quality items that your customers will love before spring comes. People will be looking forward to ditching their winter jumpers or dressing black from head to toe. Make your boutique ready by offering trendy but affordable items to match the spring weather.

Items for your customers this spring

Long oversize dress

These are wonderful attires for a casual and fancy day out shopping or when planning a wonderful evening enjoying dinner or a drink. Long oversized dresses are easy to accessorize. These dresses are loose which makes them comfortable to wear. The oversized dresses wonderfully conceal excess fat but are light for the warmer weather. Additionally, the long dresses keep your bare legs covered when the weather becomes chilly.

Floral prints

The spring season marks the beginning of pretty tree blossoms and daffodils. Therefore, people love dressing in floral prints. When checking out top wholesale fashion clothing for boutiques , include floral prints that brighten up customers’ looks. These are highly versatile and can even be worn with black jeans.

People love floral print shirts in spring for keeping them warm with sleeves. Floral shirts are easy to roll up when the sun comes out. It makes them a wonderful substitute for a jacket to complete a casual look when paired with a denim skirt or jeans.


This year’s spring collection is reintroducing the Victorian era. High street designers are modernizing regal designs, high necks, and ruffles by shortening them while giving them more color. People love the Victorian look for giving them a classy style for wearing during the day. Alternatively, people love the Victorian style to get dressy for the night or to the office.


Ensure to include clothing with stripes in options including blouses, trousers, and skirts. People love stripes for their high versatility. Stripped clothing accompanies any outfit including white blouses, jeans, or leather jackets. The most significant benefit of stripped clothing is the ability to disguise bumps and lumps on the body. So, ensure to include a range of clothing with strips for flattering looks when paired appropriately. This is great for customers still building their summer bodies.


This spring, ensure to offer your customers enough tassels including shoes, clothing, bags, and belts. Tassels give a cowboy look to any outfit while acting as a wonderful accessory. Getting an ideal look requires having the right accessories. So, stock some bags including shoulder bags, clutch bags, and backpacks. Regardless of the occasion, people love tassel bags to enhance their looks.

Tiny handbags

Still on bags, ensure to stock enough tiny handbags. These are becoming a popular style accessory today. Tiny handbags are now a notable accessory when planning an evening out. This spring, people are expected to look for even smaller bags. The trendy follows the trend of hands-free bags, belts, fanny packs, and miniature neck chain attachments. Additionally, smartphones are becoming bigger and tiny handbags make a wonderful contrast.

Chunky chains

This jewelry has made a comeback in gold. These chunky chains come in a matte finish or brushed for elegance and less shine. The chunky chains make a sharp contrast to other trends for fashion accessories. These chains promote finery and delicacy. People love pairing these with vintage scarves to get a 1970s look.

Lace-up sandals

Shoes are necessary to complete the spring look. After spending the winter dressed in boots, lace-up sandals make a wonderful option. These are a new trend for offering a fabulous look while allowing people to get their legs out of the winter boots. Lace-up sandals are paired with casual shorts, cute dresses, or miniskirts. Apart from their high versatility, lace-up sandals are super comfortable and don’t have heels without compromising fashion.

Color sunglass frames

Finally, you also have to prepare for periods when the temperatures heat up by offering customers color sunglass frames. These come with a vibrant frame to add drama to any outfit and for jazzing up their entire collection. Ensure to stock those with bright outer design while keeping it monochrome throughout the entire accessory. These sunnies are timeless and stay in style.

The wrap-up

As a boutique owner, you have to prepare for your customers all the time. This requires stocking clothing that matches the season. For this spring, ensure to include clothing like long oversize dresses, floral prints, and stripes. Equally important is including some matching accessories including lace-up sandals, chunky chains, and tiny handbags. Fortunately, you can purchase these wholesale from a reputable clothing supply store online.