Did you know that jewelry repair averages from 10-15 percent in monthly revenue, while the business is likely to peak more in January? Many jewelers expect to see a high footfall of clients coming for modifications, resizing, and even engraving their offerings after gift exchanges during the holiday season. However, this is an all-year-round business, so you can always make some extra cash by following these ideas:


Apart from repairing, professional jewelry has many abilities that can help him make some additional bucks, such as;


What this indicates, in a simpler term, is altering existing jewelry. Since many people are gradually turning to customized pieces, an experienced jeweler can help you craft and personalize a unique jewel. It could be your engagement ring, a necklace, or a bracelet. Wedding rings are the most common and are easy to customize.

Jewelry design

Jewelry design is an artwork done on jewelry where a designer intertwines luxury, personal touches, or traditional crafts is known as jewelry design. Many couples would love to have this inclusivity on their engagement or wedding rings. It is quite trendy to have jewelry represented uniquely by a story. People want to flaunt with jewelry, and jewelers are doing profitable business out of this service.


Plan to preserve your family’s heritage, such as the heirloom that has passed down from generation to generation. These pieces have stories to tell, and that’s why if broken, it’s crucial to fix them through a professional jeweler. Replacing broken rings, setting a loose stone, or replacing a missing gem on an antique ring are some of the things a professional jeweler can incorporate in his jewelry repair and make extra bucks.

Jewelry appraisal

When a person invests in a valuable piece of jewelry or inherits a sentimental ring, it’s prudent to get it insured. However, the insurance company will need to know the value of the product. You will need to get your jewelry to a reputable jeweler who will evaluate your ring or necklace and provide you with a jewelry appraisal document that shows the jewelry’s details and value.

Get your business on social media.

Social media platforms are places where you want to bring awareness to your business because it’s booming. The number of people spending time there is enormous. That is from young to old, and it is almost turning like a search engine. If someone is looking for jewelry repair services, he is likely to ask for a recommendation from one of these platforms, including Quora and Facebook groups.

Offer quick promotion

Complimentary services are one of the things that can entice customers to your business. For example, you can provide free battery changing, professional jewelry cleaning, or a 10 to 20 percent discount to your customers. Issue some discount coupons to the clients who come for repair work in your store. That can help to attract new customers to your store while rewarding your loyal customers.

Build trust

Most jewelry pieces are precious, and it can be hard to leave your precious piece of jewelry with a repairer you hardly know. Although it’s always advisable to stick around until the jewelry repair is over, some repair work may require more time. Sometimes a repairer might get swarmed with work. So, what do you want to do to create a sense of trust in your clients? You can;

  • Use a take-in jewelry repair form.
  • Measure the rock and record its weight
  • Put a description of the product.
  • Please make a note of the damage and its current condition.
  • Take clear photos of the stone from all angles, and record it.

Following each step mentioned above on every repair intake will gradually build trust with your clients. And it also helps you avoid any discrepancies.

Typical steps of a jewelry repairer

  • Thorough inspection
  • After inspection, you can identify and talk about the repair needed
  • Record everything discussed.
  • Do the cleaning (you can also show some hiding cracks on the stone)
  • Do a recheck after cleaning to ensure everything is okay.
  • If there are any discoveries during the process, contact the jewelry owner immediately and notify him about any changes that may occur.
  • Keep customer’s in the loop of the repair progress
  • Fix and repair the jewelry according to your customer’s expectations.
  • Meet the due day of the jewelry repair
  • Call for pickup or deliver if possible


In Conclusion, as long as there will be jewelry around us, then jewelry repair is inevitable. It is always thrilling to make some extra cash. Right? So, if you are a professional jeweler and want to make more cash, sharpen your tools, follow our guide above, and more bucks will start streaming.