Pursuing a MBBS degree in India has never been a cakewalk activity for many students given the tough entrance exam, quote system and high fees charged by many private medical colleges. It is because of these reasons many kids plan to pursue their medical degree abroad in Kazakhstan or in Bangladesh where good quality medical education can be availed at a comparatively less price.

Given the great quality of medical education, salubrious environment and friendly citizens make both Bangladesh and Kazakhstan the most favorite MBBS destination for many students in India.

Every country has its own captivating benefits that make pursuing a medical degree an easy affair. Here are certain key parameters that make these two places great for studying MBBS In Kazakhstan and MBBS in Bangladesh.

  1. Low tuition fee structure: Both Bangladesh and Kazakhstan offer a Medical degree at affordable prices. This is a huge relief for those students who are having caliber and skills to become a doctor but are not able to afford its high tuition fees. Both these countries offer medical education in fair and affordable prices that are reasonable for students from all the countries in the world. Students can avail the facilities which the medical universities offer and that too in affordable costs.


  1. English is the medium teaching: Both the countries the medium of instruction for MBBS degree is English to avoid any sort of language barrier and to enable most of the students all across the world pursue a medical degree.


  1. Well equipped amenities: Medical universities in both the countries are well equipped with all the state of the art amenities and have good infrastructure to facilitate the students.


  1. Good climate and hostel facilities: Both medical universities in Bangladesh and Kazakhstan have good hostel facilities for students to stay. The hostels have healthy eating options and a safe environment. Also, the climate in both countries is salubrious and healthy for stay. Most of the hostels are well furnished, safe, and secure with 24/7 security guard facility.


  1. Healthy study environment: Both the countries are safe and secure environments and parents need not worry about the safety measures for their children studying in both Bangladesh and Kazakhstan. Also, because of less distraction; students get to concentrate more on their studies and medical colleges have strict rules and regulations to monitor, discipline, and govern the students.


  1. Experienced faculty: Both universities of Bangladesh and Kazakhstan have experienced faculty imparting quality education to the students. The friendly and skilled teachers are always on their toes to solve the concerns and questions of the students and ensure that the students understand each and every concept easily. A medical degree is a high valued profession and quality tutoring helps the student to excel and provide great medical service to the community.


Widely recognized: MBBS degree pursued from the reputed Universities of both the countries are widely recognized and are approved by the Medical council of India (MCI) and enlisted in the World Directory of Medical schools, allowing the students to appear for MCI screening test or Foreign medical graduate examinations upon completing their degree.