Are you tired of lost keys that add anxiety to your morning dash? Use a key finder to help you maintain both your routine and your wellbeing. These clever little gadgets are helpful in keeping your household secure.


Designed to attach to key rings, they are often handy for locating a number of frequently lost personal items. When your keys are misplaced, you can use the phone app or transmitter to find them and move on to your next task of the day. Some designs can also reverse the search to help you locate your phone.


Here are some factors you need to take into consideration when buying a key finder:


Signal Volume

Test the decibel level of the device. You will need a loud alarm sound with a minimum of 80 to 85 decibels which enables you to hear the signal over external noise.



What is the maximum distance can it be away from your mobile device? Always rely on the specific range to be less than the manufacturers promote since doors, walls, partitions, and other building structures can cause signal interference.


Battery Life

Make sure to ask your seller how long the battery will last on your device. It should last around six to eight months if the battery is replaceable. Non-replaceable batteries can last for a year and manufacturers should provide a fixed replacement plan once the battery runs low on power.


Multiple Trackers

Applications that accompany key finders now have features where you can keep track of multiple items. You can even track a wallet, a purse, and other items. Plus, some can even enable you to share trackers with other users so both of you can track each other’s items.


Bonus Features

Find key finders that also have two-way search features, in which you can just push a button to track your phone. Many key finders offer Geofence apps, where your mobile gets a notification if your keys are out of range.


Here are the most common types of key finders you will find on the market:


Bluetooth Key Finder

A Bluetooth Key Finder links up to your mobile device. As long as your handset is in your hand, you can monitor where the accompanying sensor is. The connection also works both ways: you can use the phone to locate your keys or use the device on your keys to locate your phone.


Radio Frequency Key Finder

This key finder uses a radio signal and does not require the use of a computer, software, or internet access. It’s really straightforward to set up and find your missing item with a receiver that generates a wireless signal. The receiving sensor will activate or trigger a warning on your key ring.


Audible Key Finder

Each component of this key finder functions as a receiver and as a transmitter. The audible key finder produces a chirping sound; once the other half detects a chirp, it will also chirp in response. This device doesn’t use Bluetooth or a radio frequency.


A key finder is a helpful gadget that can save you energy and time at a fairly affordable cost. These devices are also easy to use and provide an ideal solution for someone who always loses their keys, wallets, or any other small items. With a key finder linked to whichever object you have to locate, all you need to do is get your phone, push a button on the companion app, and pay attention to the sound from your Bluetooth-connected tracking device.