DNA paternity test determines the biological father of a child. We all inherit our DNA from both biological parents– half of mother and half of father. A Paternity DNA Test thinks about the DNA profile of a child to that of the presumed father to decide if there is a match or not.

DDC Laboratories India leads all DNA Paternity tests utilizing a top notch 24 hereditary marker in our State-of-the-Art Accredited testing research center, using progressed analyzers. We have more than 400 example assortment habitats for Paternity DNA Testing in India.

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DNA Paternity Test Can Determine?

  • Child Support, Child Custody, adoption, birth certificate, migration and court orders tests.
  • Gives an exact clinical history to the kid, giving the medical services supplier extra understanding during determination and in dealing with the youngster’s wellbeing.
  • Fortifies the connection between organic people, for example, father and youngster.
  • Affirming option to acquire
  • Movement reason
  • Other individual reasons

How is a DNA Paternity Test Performed?

Our DNA tests assortment strategy is basic utilizing cheek swabs or self-buccal cleaning and accordingly, sent safely in carefully designed bundling to our licensed research facility where the DNA testing starts. Our lab experts cautiously deal with and set up your DNA tests for handling. Each paternity test is handled two separate occasions in the lab and the eventual outcomes are checked by our experts. You never need to stress over disarray or wrong outcomes. When the outcomes are created, they are shipped off you through dispatch and email.

Can DNA Paternity Test be performed for genuine feelings of serenity and lawful explanation?

Assortment for a DNA paternity test can be performed at home in the event that you just need results for your own significant serenity and data. On the off chance that you need results for a lawful explanation, for example, kid backing or guardianship, tests are gathered by keeping up chain of authority for giving allowable DNA tests results.

How much a DNA Paternity Test Cost?

We gives the evidence of a blood connection among families and our certify paternity test (no maternal association) cost is 12000(Test Cost) + 2160(GST) = 14160 INR. For additional data click here

Note: Mother’s inclusion in the entirety of our true serenity paternity tests is enthusiastically suggested.

DDC Laboratories India gives 100% private and secret DNA Paternity test results. For additional inquiries, it would be ideal if you reach us or you may plan a meeting with us by calling our helpline number: +91 7042446667 or WhatsApp: 9266615552