Are you planning to travel with a trailer and need a beginner manual on how to do it? Well, you have stumbled upon the perfect place to know all about it. If you have never been on the road with a Caravan Tyre Leicester it might look like an impossible task to take along a trailer at the back of your car. You have been comfortable driving your car, you know how to handle all the turns, speed bumps, parking and speed of your car. It’s not the same with a trailer, you have to be more careful and drive with certain rules and lots of practice.

Travelling with a caravan in tow can save a lot from spending on hiring a van or a separate traveller. You can accommodate furniture and your family and can plan to take a trip across the UK. Sounds fun right? Well, you can enjoy many more trips like these if you will just go according to the guidelines mentioned below.

Simple Guide on Traveling with a Trailer

 Hook That right

To begin with, there has to be a proper attachment between the car and the caravan. You might wonder why this needs to be mentioned when it is so obvious. Well, a lot of accidents happen not due to driving mistakes but due to the incorrect attachment.

The trailer to be attached should be weighed before the attachment, in addition to the weight of the things to be carried in the caravan. It should be of the adequate weight which your car can tow.

The tongue is equally important as it attaches the car with the trailer.

Balance weight

As mentioned above, weight is very important. Along with the weight to be carried it is equally important to distribute the weight in the trailer into front rear and side to side. An unbalanced caravan may affect the trailer’s handling.

A Lot of Practice

Yes, you need to practice again and again and then again. You might be a very good driver and driving a car as long as you can remember, but driving a car with a trailer in tow is a complicated process. Practice as much as possible in your nearby areas before hitting the traffic. Then practice more in the busy roads. You need to be an expert in travelling with a caravan then only can you plan that long trip.

Learn How to Reverse and Take Turns while Keeping a Check on Speed

It is clear by now that a caravan does not work the same as your car, so naturally, it has to be handled differently.

When reversing, slow it down and do it as patiently and slowly as possible.

While taking turns, the trailer needs lots and lots of space. So, don’t be too close to any vehicle while driving. Take your distance and time.

You can practice the reversing and turns in the parking lot so you know how the Tyres Leicester work.

Stop at regular intervals to check if everything is fine.

Practice makes a man perfect. Well, in this case you need to keep practising a lot before you are planning a trip. If you want to buy caravan tyres or you need more trailer related information just contact Saving On Tyres. We will make sure you have a safe and happy journey with a trailer in tow.