An RCD or Residual Current Device can be defined as a piece of safety equipment that helps in automatically switching off the electricity of the home or commercial space in case any fault is located. Such devices are more sensitive than regular circuit breakers and fuses. RCDs can turn out to be real life-savers in times of need – by reacting swiftly to prevent the electrical currents from creating any accidents. 

The equipment generally monitors the overall flow of electricity through a certain circuit and when it senses that a human being has touched a live wire, it will immediately shut-down the power, mitigating any fatal deaths. The following are some of the major benefits of installing RCDs inside your property, with the help of electrical contractors in Melbourne.

The Brilliant Advantages Of Using RCDs

1. They Are Designed To Protect Precious Human Lives

An RCD is generally designed to protect the lives of human beings from any risk of getting electrocuted. When it comes to any normal power circuitry, the electrical current generally flows to and fro the supply lines. In case the appliance that is being used is at fault, then such electrical current can easily transport to the body of the human being touching the appliance – causing serious injury or death. 

With the help of an RCD, the electrical current that is flowing through the circuit will just switch off in 0.3 seconds, thereby preventing the accident – just when it senses that a human being has come in contact with the same. You’ll not only be able to save your life but also your family members as well.

2. They Are Highly Reliable

It has been reported that with the help of multiple tests, it has been found out that RCDs are almost 97 percent reliable in the tasks they’re designed to do. The success percent increases if the device is regularly tested. Apart from saving human lives, RCDs also have the reputation of saving your home from any accidental electrical fires created by any faulty appliances or wiring.

Through it should be noted that even though RCDs reduce the risks, they don’t eliminate them. This is the reason why checking your electrical wiring system with the help of an electrician in box hill is recommended on a regular basis unless you want to take your family’s security for granted.

3. There Are Portable RCDs

RCDs are not only found as installable modern consumer units but also as portable plug adapters as well. Such portable adapters will only protect the appliance that is powered to that specific adapter. 

Such portable adapters are highly recommended for garage equipment, kitchen and outdoors.