Your wedding is a day with monumental significance. This is true not just because a life-changing event is taking place on that day, but also for the fact that it is a day when you, and of course your significant other, will be the stars of the show. On that day all eyes will be on you, everyone will be looking to see and compliment how beautiful you are and how you are glowing. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you pit much thought into choosing your dress, accessories and make up.

It is undeniable that a major part of how you are looking on your wedding day starts with the wedding gown that you have chosen. Traditionally, most brides like to go with long wedding bridal dresses, especially if they are having a formal church wedding. It is not uncommon to see some brides opting for shorter numbers either.

However, it is worth considering that not all dresses loom equally good on every bride. This is because, every woman has a different body type. A dress that can look flattering on one might look dull on another. It is, therefore, important to understand your body type and know a fair bit about the silhouettes of long wedding bridal dresses before you go shopping. This way you will know exactly which cut to look for when you are at the boutiques and can optimise the shopping experience better.


The empire silhouette features a raised waistline, just below the bust from where the skirt flows down to the hemline. This silhouette is perfect for the brides with a pear-shaped figure. It also accentuates the neckline, creating beautiful definition and thus, is liked by most women.


A tight bodice that flows out into a beautiful skirt from just above the waist, give this dress a silhouette the outline of an ‘A’. It is flattering on any body type. It features a style that can be worn for any type of occasion, whether it is a formal church ceremony or a laid-back beach wedding. No wonder, it is a top favourite of all brides.


Sheath silhouette gives a column-line look to the bride’s figure, especially to the lower body. It features a lean cut, hugging the contours of the body quite closely and is not the best one for hiding features like heavier bottoms.


Mermaid, style-wise, is quite close to the sheath silhouette, except for the flares starting from the knee or calf and then continuing to the hemline. It is absolutely body-fitting and is best for petite figures.


Since the silhouette of this type of long wedding bridal dresses flares out from below the bottom giving the skirts the look of the bell of a trumpet, hence the name. This style is ideal for lean to medium body types.

Ball gown:

A fitted bodice and a voluminous full skirt are the striking features of the ball gown silhouette. While this style is perfect for those who have a petite waist yet a heavier bottom, it looks great on just about anyone. If you have a heavier bust, the tight bodice and dropped waistline can create an hourglass look on you.

Now, when you are shopping for long wedding bridal dresses, keep an open mind about all the available options. You might want to wear a gorgeous gown for the ceremony, but how about changing things up a little bit for the party thereafter? If, and only if you are interested in experimenting with different attires on your wedding day, you can give bridal jumpsuits, pantsuits or skater dresses a try. Not only will they take away the extra weight of all those layers of fabric, making for comfortable wear so that you can fully enjoy the party but also bring out that chic, edgy side of your personal style. Heads will turn and compliments will come as you are the bride who will look stunning in everything.