A live-action role-playing game (LARP) can also be referred to as LARPing. It a form of role-playing game where the participants of the event will physically play their characters. The participants will be pursuing certain goals that are set in a fictional setting that is represented in the real world. The outcome of the player’s actions can be mediated through game rules set by gamemasters or the consensus of the players.

Every year, there are thousands of people who attend a LARPing event or festivals. They bring their costumes, shields, armors, equipment, and their dedication to participate in the event. Their numbers continue to increase every year. For a newbie, going to your first LARP event can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you are not prepared.

Here are some useful tips that first-time LARPers can use:

Research Details of the Event

Before going to the LARPing event, it is important and crucial that you know what the game is all about. Newbies can learn about the settings, characters, backstories, game world, the combat types included, and the specific rules. You can discover certain testimonials that other LARPers share on social media or forums.

One can gain knowledge about the experiences in a LARP event by joining in forums or social media groups dedicated to LARPing events or LARP participants. Most of the members are excited at the prospect of a new individual joining their community. They will be happy to share their experiences and teach the newbies how to get started. Do not be afraid to ask people from the community as they will more likely help you out.

Bring Someone You Know

Nothing calms the nerves of new LARPers than having someone they know to join them in the event. Bringing a friend or someone familiar to you will lessen the stress and will help you ease into the game much easier. Having a friend by your side will help you deal with stage fright. It will also make the event more fun for you as you will share their enjoyment, without too much nervousness that comes along with it.

Play a Non-Player Character

Non-player characters are characters that are within the game world and part of the setting. Unlike, player characters (PC), NPCs do not have a character arc that develops in a game which will be great for first-timers. As an NPC, newbies can observe what goes on in a LARP game. This will prepare them for the other events that they will attend in the future.

When you play an NPC character that will fit into the game world, genre, setting, and rules. If you play as a PC, choose an appropriate backstory. This serves as the fun creative process in a LARPing event. Newbies can get inspiration from TV series, movies, and books. It is something that they will stick to as a way to develop their characters. Backstories also aid other LARPers to understand your character.

Avoid Spending Too Much on Gears or Costumes

For your first event, you do not have to spend so much money on your gear, props, or costumes. First-timers are always advised to purchase the things needed by an NPC if you choose to play it at first. Later on, you can grow your gear as you keep attending other future events.

LARPing does not have to be expensive, especially for a first-timer. You can grow your costume and gear collection as time goes on but as a beginner, it is best to stick with the essentials for your character.

Do Not Drop Your Character For So Long

The point of LARPing is to immerse yourself in the fantasy world as other equally passionate people participate as well. That experience can be ruined if there is a LARPer who breaks character for a long period of time.

Some hardcore LARPers will never break character. They may get annoyed if a newbie will break character all the time. If there is something non-related you need to discuss with someone, talk about it during breaks or step aside when no one can hear it. First-timers are advised to not bring their electronic devices. Modern items must be put away for full fantasy immersion and escapism.

Enjoy the Game

Every LARPer starts as a newbie. The most important factor is to enjoy the event. LARP is about bringing passionate people together. Participate and bring your creativity into your character.