The nine yards of grace never goes out of fashion. If there is any piece of cloth (in its literal sense) that can be both bold and beautiful it’s a Saree. A legacy of Indian tradition, the epitome of a style statement, and an illustration of the exquisite art forms of the country. With time the popularity of this piece of clothing has only gone up with innovation in styling and draping methods, with fashion lovers creating fusion looks and a lot more. As a result, the sale of sarees has also gone up, as we can now buy online sarees and can choose from a number of brands and types. To state the fact Indian sarees are considered amongst the world’s oldest garments and yet it seamlessly stays in style till date.

In this blog, we bring to you some of the latest sarees with a price range, which should make way to your wardrobe. Here are some of the varieties which are most loved and will never go out of fashion.

  • Drape it light with Chanderi

Stealing the heart around the world is this intricately woven saree, adorned for its lightweight. The Chanderi sarees have are a gift to the textile industry from the city of the same name in Madhya Pradesh, from around the 12th -13th century. Initially weaved using Khilats these sarees were super expensive due to the fabric used, the softness, transparency, and the embroidered fringes with heavy golden threads.

Thanks to the times where we in, and can buy online sarees, which have brought down the cost. Depending on the quality and the embroidered design A Chanderi Saree can cost somewhere from 2000 to 10000. Although there are online shopping sites like Indiafad where you can buy them at an affordable price. These sarees are found both in cotton and silk variants.

  • The classic Georgette

If you are a fan of lightweight and classic looks, georgette sarees are for you. This variety has immense popularity and goes well for parties, festivals, and even for your casual saree streaks. The light fabric is also popular as workwear for those who love to wear saree at their workplace. The fabric owes its origin in the 20th century in France and comes in different varieties, wandering across the world, and in the form of saree in India.

You can buy georgette sarees starting from Rs. 1000 and even less and ranging up to Rs.10, 000, and more. This indicates the available variants and style. A lot of innovation has been added to this variety such as the computer block print and can be found in almost every online and offline saree store.

  • Comfy cotton

While we talk about comfort and ease cotton sarees are the ultimate winner. Given the Indian weather, cotton sarees are the most preferred variety. You can feel relaxed while keeping your style upbeat with the variants available in this type. If we try to trace the history of this saree they have been around since sarees have been known. And no matter what they are never going to go out of fashion. From fancy to handloom variant and from pure cotton to mixed you have several options to choose from.

Coming to the price of this type they are one the affordable piece to go into the wardrobe. The price range of cotton sarees begins from the mark of 500 rupees. You can easily buy online sarees at an affordable price. You can check out the collection of these elegant sarees in Indiafad which would suit both your style and wallet.

  • Glam up in Banarasi

Now let us come to some heavy work, Indian ethnic clothes are known for their heavy threadwork, pattern and design. One such example is the Banarasi sarees dates back to the Mughal era of the country and is a mixture of two different cultures. Adding to the ultimate style quotient of the draper this is a favorite amongst the brides and even celebrities are found to embrace this beautiful creation. The sarees are available in two different categories the traditional bridal and the designer segment.

Banarasi saree in terms of price ranges from around 1500 rupees to more than 50,000 and sometimes even lakhs. However, the sarees can now also be found in the replicated versions or subtle form looking at the fact they have a high demand.

  • Slay in Silk

Talking about saree and glam how can we forget the silk sarees? We have already talked about the Chanderi and Banarasi. Apart from these two, there are several other variants such as the Sambalpur silk, Mysore silk, Kanjeevaram, Baluchuri silk saree, Assam silk, Patola and many more. These are timeless pieces to be added to your saree collection each holding great traditional and cultural value.

Silk sarees are amongst the expensive lot. The starting range of these sarees is somewhere around Rs. 2000-5000 and depending on the quality it can scale up to higher. If you planning to buy online sarees in silk with some budget constraints you can find some good deals on Indiafad shopping site as its one of the online shopping sites, which has a wide variety and are famous for supporting artisans and smalls businesses.

Do you already have all of these in your wardrobe? If not, here are the latest sarees with the price range, trending yet timeless. If you already have the basic ones you can check out the designer versions of these variants. Saree as ancient as they may be are the most innovative garments and are loved by all age groups.

The ruffle and sarees, contemporary prints, net sarees make their rounds from time to time, and surely are in trend right now. But there is a charm in these classic variants and are the must-haves of your saree collection.

If you are looking for some affordable options you can go straight to the Indiafad shopping website they have all the latest sarees with a price range that doesn’t burn holes in your pocket and satisfies your shopper soul. The collection here is made affordable for the buyers as it comes directly from the local sellers and artisans.