In order to go by a day’s chores with a fully functional brain and body, a good night’s sleep is essential. Diet and exercise do their parts, obviously, but believe it or not, your mattress takes the spotlight in this. It is not only about comfort, but your body needs firm support throughout the night so that you don’t wake up with pain, stiffness, and distress. Going cheap on it now might even drain your bank account later on multiple medical expenses.

Latex mattresses: All you need to know

Latex mattresses are the best when it comes to performing these duties for you. If you’re planning to buy one, here in this article, you will find everything that you need to know about this variety.

What is a latex mattress

Latex is derived from the milky sap of the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis. This sap coagulates when dried in air. Latex mattresses are made from natural or synthetic latex by pouring liquid latex into a mould to create the final form.

These mattresses are made in layers – the bottom layer or the middle layer is the support core, while the top layer or the surrounding layer is engineered for comfort. Often other materials, such as organic cotton or natural wool (a flame retardant), are also used in constructing the padding and the cover of a latex mattress in Melbourne.

Different types of latex mattresses

Types of latex mattresses in Melbourne are determined by either the manufacturing procedure or the material itself.

  • Going by material:

There are two types of latex mattresses found in the market, each very different from the other.

  • Natural latex mattresses: Natural latex is directly extracted from the rubber tree, whipped up, and placed in a mold. This is solidified in a vulcanizing oven, and then washed and heated to remove moisture. Being chemical-free, eco-friendly, and highly dense, it is expensive.
  • Synthetic latex mattresses: Synthetic latex is made from petrochemicals produced to mimic the properties of the natural alternative. Styrene-butadiene rubber is the most common type of synthetic latex and by physical properties, it is very similar to its natural counterpart. However, it is much less durable, prone to off-gassing and therefore, is not eco-friendly at all.

How to tell them apart

Synthetic and natural latex mattresses look so similar that they are pretty difficult to be told apart from each other. In fact, there are also latex mattresses available which are a blend of the two. Realistically, there are only a handful of ways to distinguish them.

  • Looks: Natural latex mattress foam looks not as aesthetically perfect as its synthetic counterpart.
  • Foam density: Natural latex mattress in Melbourne has a higher foam density than synthetic or blended one. In fact, the higher the foam density, the better quality the mattress.
  • Springiness: Synthetic latex foam usually has a more dull, less springy feel than natural latex foam.
  • Price: Synthetic latex mattresses come at a much lower price than natural ones.
  • Going by manufacturing process:

Now, coming to manufacturing procedures, there are two methods of the same – each resulting in a mattress with a very different feel.

  • Dunlop: In this process, the tree sap is stirred, moulded, and baked. As the sap here is minimally processed, it can get sedimented at the bottom of the mould, giving rise to a denser and heavier mattress. This kind of latex mattress is known to be the firmer one.
  • Talalay: For making this kind of latex mattress, the foam is poured into a vacuum-sealed chamber, which leads to more uniform latex foam. Then the latex is flash-frozen to stabilize the particles before being baked into a solid form. This type of latex mattress is popular for being softer, lighter, and bouncier.Latex Mattresses

Advantages of sleeping on a latex mattress

A natural latex mattress is incredible for your sleep, your health, as well as your wallet.

  1. Improves sleep:

Natural latex mattress and mattress toppers are very popular for the amount of comfort they provide, helping you sleep better.

  1. Provides better back support:

One of the biggest benefits of a natural latex mattress is that it provides wonderful back support. Heavier parts of the body such as the shoulders and hips sink into the latex, yet lighter areas are still strongly supported by it to align the spine naturally. This way, the mattress distributes the pressure of the body appropriately and blood circulation is also improved. This also relieves pressure from your joints – your hips, shoulders, knees, back, and other problem areas where you generally feel pain when you wake up in the morning.

  1. Breathability:

Pure latex mattresses are formulated with an open-cell design along with a series of pinholes being added during the processing of them. Because of this, the material enables better air circulation. In addition, Thus this mattress regulates your body temperature and absorbs body moisture, keeping you cool while you sleep.

  1. Prevents allergies:

The majority of allergies in the bedroom are caused by the body’s reaction to proteins produced by dust mites or mould. Pure latex is naturally resistant to these. So especially if you are hyperallergic, or suffer from asthma, opting for a latex mattress can help you sleep better.

Most other mattresses not only make you sweat but also accumulate mould and fungi which generate a pungent smell. These odours are not only unpleasant, but they can trigger headaches, upper respiratory distress, asthma attacks, and other reactions. Because latex mattresses do not let microbes to build up, you are relieved from this nastiness.

  1. Chemical-free:

One amazing fact about 100% natural latex mattresses is that they are grown without the use of pesticides and so they release absolutely no harmful chemical into the air, unlike almost every other item in your household. These chemicals enter your bloodstream through breathing and cause numerous health hazards for years, which never happens with latex mattresses.

  1. Durable:

A natural latex mattress is extremely durable and long-lasting – it can stay perfectly in shape for up to 20 years. Moreover, they often are built in layers, so if one of them starts deteriorating, you can only replace that one without having to change the whole unit.

  1. Eco friendly:

Unlike the manufacturing of the other mattresses, processing latex is completely natural and a friend to the environment.

  1. The material comes from a rubber tree, which is only tapped to collect the sap. This not only saves the tree but actually encourages the production of rubber trees.
  2. The vulcanization process of rubber – the method of creating latex is eco-friendly since it uses no chemicals at all.
  3. The durability of a pure latex mattress keeps it away from the garbage longer. It is also 100% recyclable and therefore, does not end up in landfills even when they are old and thrown out.

Some cons of buying a latex mattress

Natural latex mattresses have almost no disadvantage. The only thing that might bug you is their cost. Latex mattress in Melbourne is one of the most expensive mattresses out there because of their harvesting and processing. However, the durability of this type of mattress certainly makes up for its cost. Generally, they are also heavier than the other mattress varieties which may come off as a disadvantage to some people.

Who is latex mattress ideal for

Latex mattresses are ideal for almost everyone. However, you should keep in mind your particular preferences while buying a latex mattress and check the features of the one that you’re buying.

  • For side sleepers: Too firm a mattress can cut off your blood flow while you sleep and cause numbness and tingling. So go for a softer natural latex mattress
  • For back sleepers: Too soft mattress does not give you the support that your back requires and can lead to back pain. So if you are a back sleeper, opt for a latex mattress that is medium-firm.
  • For stomach sleepers: If you are a stomach sleeper, a medium to slightly firm latex mattress is the one for you. This supports your body in a neutral alignment and prevents aches and pains.
  • Latex allergy: This is a no-brainer. If you have allergy in latex, don’t buy a latex mattress, or rather buy a mattress cover made out of some other material.


While buying a mattress, a natural latex mattress is the surely best choice. However, be wary of phrases like “made with 100% natural latex”, “contains natural latex” or “natural origin latex”. They only mean your mattress is a hybrid one and some synthetic latex is mixed in it. Either way, to be on the safe side, always research the shop well from before, and only choose a well-reputed and certified mattress shop which sells natural latex mattresses in Melbourne.