If you are the owner of a call centre company, you must be aware of the significance of lead generation services for BPO firms. Managing the lead generation and qualifying the same isn’t as easy as it seems, which is why strategic steps are essential to keep a check on the potential pitfalls that may ruin your brand image. Call centres can grow splendidly with adequate lead generation tactics, thus using the correct procedures is vital.

Today’s customers are not the same as before. They have multiple information in-hand and can search for better services at their fingertips, thus companies thinking they can get along more leads easily and can woo interests without much effort need to re-think.

Call centres aim at handling secondary business functions for the partners who outsource their services like customer support, IT services, HR services, finance, and accounting solutions, etc. Here, to make the partner rely on your services, it is vital to maintain a good repo in the market and keep offering out-of-the-box BPO services so that more clients willingly collaborate with your company.

This is where lead generation helps! How will more clients get to know about your BPO offerings? How will you reach far-reaching audiences with your services?

Well, lead generation and qualification can help. Leads are the potential business customers that show interest in the business functions. Thus, to qualify these leads, call centres can use paid search engine marketing, social media management, online channels, etc. To best qualify leads, call centre agents can differentiate the leads amid some types. Call centres need to work on leads depending on their type like:

  • New leads
  • Working
  • Nurturing
  • Unqualified
  • Qualified

When the business differentiates the lead based on its position, it becomes easy to qualify the same and reach them in an adequate personalized manner. A new lead needs different directions to the one that is being nurtured. Thus, a check to reach all leads on time, and with adequate business information is indispensable.

For call centre in India, lead generation services matter a lot because most companies in India outsource their secondary business operations to an external partner. Thus, to ensure that your company becomes the first choice, adequate on-time services and enriched lead generating solutions are indispensable. After all, a name in the market helps to gain more partners.

How can Call Centres Generate Leads?

If marketers are to be believed personalization can help call centres’ enhance lead generation by 86%. Talking about the best strategy to qualify leads is reaching them on their preferred channel and with personalized offerings.

Like if a lead researches about your service-related solutions on Facebook or maybe over an email, it is the same platform where the lead needs assistance. Moreover, the lead can be in its nurturing stage, thus dealing with them differently is important, unlike a new lead. When assistance is instantaneous and based on requirements, the chance of the lead becoming the business loyal partner increases.

Check out the ways call centre in India can grow their business with lead generation services:

Inbound Leads

When we talk about lead generation for call centres, generating inbound leads can be helpful. Generating inbound leads through blogs, e-books, social media content, etc. can help to reach far-off audiences easily.

It is significant to note here that customer requirements keep on changing, thus updating the inbound marketing techniques regularly is imperative too.

With the evolution of new technologies and the change in the market needs, posting new blogs, updating the present ones, etc. helps to keep up with the customer requirements. This is the reason; call centre companies need to re-work on their strategies for lead generation so that the changing market requirements are updated on time.

Social Media for Lead Generation

Social media is a great place to keep an eye on the leads and to analyse what attracts the customers most and what may be the potential business shortcomings. Social media helps call centres to reach customers easily. Moreover, it is a great platform to advertise the business functions with stupendous offerings and on-time availability of services.

If you a call centre firm willing to use social platforms to enhance lead generation, analyse your competitor and the potential market trends on the platform. Later, you can create content or maybe reach the leads/customers with video messages, hoardings, ads, etc. offering what they require.

Call centres work to reach the customers on time with splendid support service, and social media is a great platform to help in connecting with the customers 24X7 and even keeping a note of incoming inquiries easily.

The traditional call answering services resulted to call queue and call abandonment hassles, however, social media is a great tool to reach more customers and leverage positive reviews to get in the good books of more leads and even check the potential pitfalls with negative reviews.

B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation services are all about reaching the lead wherever they try to connect. Leads may try to connect over messages, emails, social media, website, etc. and connecting them on all possible channels with instantaneous services can help gain satisfaction levels.

When leads feel that connecting to your BPO company is hassle-free, they will become your ideal leads forever. Call centres just need to remember to keep up their service levels, so that the partners do not think of switching to other BPO company for handling their secondary responsibilities.

Nurturing and Managing Leads

Call centres should never forget to nurture and manage leads well. Guiding the leads towards the sales pipeline isn’t an easy task. Thus considering lead management and nurturing is significant.

Lead management is the bridge between marketing and sales. For effective lead generation for call centres, managing the incoming inquiries and thereafter nurturing them to make them loyal partners is essential.

As a call centre firm, after you have identified a potential lead, make them aware of your business services, make them understand the on-going market trends, and tell them about the successful service deliveries you have given. This way managing the leads, call centres can move towards lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing requires the call centre agent to send regular emails and updates to the lead about the advancements in services and their requested updates on time. Call centres can strategize their lead nurturing process and can reach the leads with personalized messages over emails, social media, website blogs, etc.

Doing so, the chance of the lead becoming the business loyalist increases.

Training and Coaching Agents

The call centre in India has a team of agents to look after the lead generation solutions, however, regular training and coaching are imperative to make sure that no lead turns out to the competitor.

To make sure that your call centre boosts lead generation, incorporate training and coaching is highly significant. Train your agents with the ways they can get along leads, and make them aware of cleansing failure leads so that the agents do not waste time on disconnected leads.

Wrap Up:

Lead generation is significant for all companies, so is for call centre firms. BPO companies have to deal with multiple clients all day and to make sure they land up increasing their clients’ list, thus effective lead generation is imperative.

As we discussed, real-time reporting, live monitoring, multi-dialler system, training and coaching, social media platforms, etc. are all helpful in augmenting lead qualification for call centre organizations, thus an adequate check on all solutions are imperative.