Have you ever considered the fact that practicing your blues guitar skills requires playing with a real professional band? Especially before you can advance to the next level of your game.

Well, not everyone has a professional band that can call and say, “Well, I’m ready to practice now.” Someone? Even professional practices should be planned and organized and, usually, only once a week. So how are you supposed to prepare for the real world?

Any famous guitarist will tell you that the best way to learn is to practice, practice and practice! That’s why you should try to buy jam blues tracks. Many times you will find that the blues jam tracks you will encounter are made of digital instruments that are not real and sounds like a cheesy video game from the 1970s! Be sure to do your homework and choose the right CD to practice along with. You should have real instruments along with a professional band.

You also want it to have a wide variety of tempos and styles. You want it to have a random play, a fast blues, a slow blues, etc. and it is important that the CD players are in tune and stay on time (tempo). I know that sounds pretty basic, but you would be surprised to know how many people will endure the cheesy jam midi blues they are trying to download … and it is terrible!

All I know is that since I started playing along with blues jam tracks, I have improved my guitar ten times. Having the power to control a professional blues band with the click of a mouse and a play button was amazing. I would recommend this learning method to everyone.

Zack Roberts is the founder of 50 Blues. He is a full-time professional musician and guitar instructor, specializing in classic blues and rock music.

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