Hair loss has become a common issue for anyone at any age. Genetic and non-genetic factors are the main causes of this issue. There are surgical as well as non-surgical treatments are available to cure this problem. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the receding hairline of the Lebron James in detail.

Hair loss has become an embarrassing as well as frustrating issue for both genders which not only hampers the physical appearance but also hampers the mental health of the person. Normally, a person observes the loss of 150 hairs daily but if you feel excess hair fall then you must consult your hair specialist and get suitable hair loss treatment on time. In certain cases, when people do not get desired results then they prefer to undergo hair transplant procedures to treat their baldness. Here, we are going to discuss the receding hairline problem of Lebron James.

Lebron James is one of the first names which strikes in mind for positive and negative factors when it comes to hair receding. Below are the theories which prove the receding hairline issue along with the solution of this personality.

Theory #1: During the game, his hairline was actively receding 

The most typical comment about Lebron’s clip was that his hair is wiping out before viewers’ eyes, whether it’s a joke or not. However, according to one of the famous doctors, it’s almost impossible to see a hairline in such a short time frame. However, another sensible explanation revealed by certain researchers is that LeBron’s hair may fade or pause during the game due to the usage of a topical concealer such as Toppik.

Although it is not very clear from the picture, it does appear that he has much hair on the scalp that has been manipulated by some kind of concealer. Apart from this, the whole scalp from the top is fully covered with concealer and his hairline is receding from the front by a headband and/or perspiration.

Theory #2: James’ hair doesn’t respond precisely to sweat.

Some of the researchers claim that one of the most prominent theories that they have observed is that the procedure of hair transplant in the case of James is not responding well to sweat. Although, sweating does not have a negative effect on hair transplants, which may seem logical. However, concealers like Toppik can be wiped off by sweating.

The Solution:

James is one of the famous personalities when he suffered from receding hairline, which not only disturbs his physical appearance but also disturbs his mental health. Then he decided to undergo a FUE method of hair transplantation to regain his hair. By considering this method, it not only enhances his outlook but also helps him to boost his morale. A FUE method is a modern technique under which the surgeon removes the hair individually from the back of the scalp or from any other body part which has thick hair and then makes a hole on the bald or thin areas with the help of needle then transplants those hairs into holes precisely. This method leaves the tiny scars on the donor area which cannot be seen with naked eyes. So that’s why this method is a first preference over the FUT method.

If you are also planning to undergo this procedure then you should choose the best surgeon to get desired results.