Times haven’t come out to be as promising as anyone of us would have ever expected them to be. The unexpected Pandemic has shut down almost everything across 159 countries around the world. With people restrained inside their homes, it is not unexpected that we may be frustrated with our current lifestyles. And that is why we have brought to you something creatively delicious to try at home from the best frozen beef supplier in Brazil.

Secret Archives of the Best Wholesale Beef Distributors:

These frozen beef ham recipes are brought straight to you from the secret archives of Prima Chickens. If you haven’t heard of them already, they are one of the leading Brazil Wholesale Beef Distributors supplying meat products to 150 countries around the world. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the best frozen beef ham recipes for you to try right now.

Healthy Benefits of Beef:

Wait. Before we discover the best wholesale beef recipes, shall we discuss what benefits beef can have on your health? Okay so now that you are ready, let’s see these benefits together.

  • Beef provides a good source of L-Carnitine which is known to be good for heart and liver health. But only when consumed in balance.
  • Beef can also benefit people with diabetes.
  • Beef can have anti-aging benefits.
  • Wholesale Halal Beef can prevent illness.
  • Beef can reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
  • Beef can improve immune system.
  • Beef is high in proteins.
  • Beef can improve iron deficiency in our body.
  • Beef has many vitamins. (source: Nutrition Advance)

Don’t Overconsume Please:

But do know that we can only reap these benefits as long as we don’t over-consume frozen beef meat products. We have to take balanced servings. Don’t worry, if need be, we’ll also bring to you an article on how much beef servings you need to consume to reap the best nutritional benefits.

Time to Test Your Creativity:

But for now, let’s discover the 3 best beef recipes. Oh and before we get on it, make sure to check out prima Chickens. They are one of the best Brazil Beef exporters and Halal Beef Distributors in Brazil and all over the world. They also deal in chicken and other meat products and offer a large variety of meat products.

Recipe #1: Ale Glazed Beef Ham:

Oh, this is one nice treat for the ginger ale and beef enthusiasts around the world. It combines the sizzle of beef and tastefulness of the ale. The recipe is quite simple. You need to cook frozen beef ham or beef in ginger ale. While most of the Ale will be burnt off, the remaining will add the delicious zeal to your dish. You can enjoy it with sauce or eat it as it is and it’ll still prove to be a mouth-watering sensation.

Recipe #2: Best frozen Beef Ham with Mustard:

If you love mustard and likes to make new combinations with it, you have “gotta” try this recipe. It’s not difficult either. You just need to have a juicy frozen beef ham and your favorite kind of mustard. While this recipe is not for everyone (especially those who don’t like the mustard taste) it can still prove to be a “real deal” if you’re in love with mustard and Halal Beef meat.

Recipe #3: Spiral Frozen Beef Ham:

Are you an “artiste”?

If yes, then this recipe is definitely your kind of deal. But let us inform you that it may not be as easy as it may sound. It might test your nerves before you’re able to show off your skills.

In this recipe, you don’t put the whole frozen beef ham in the oven. Instead, you have got to use a glaze or other culinary item to cut the ham into mesmerizing shapes. Once you are done with the glazing and decoration, you need to cook the halal beef meat ham and then slice it through the midway.

While it may sound intimidating, believe me, once you make it successfully, you’ll steal the crowd.

So, these are 3 of the best frozen beef ham recipes you can try at home right now. Don’t forget to show us the pictures of the beautifully cooked meals (and maybe the mess too) Before I go, let me remind you to check out Prima Chickens. They are still the best Wholesale Beef Distributors in Brazil.