Roses- one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, ideal flower to express your love for someone, easy to grow, can be clubbed well in any flower arrangement. Don’t you agree that everything about roses just sounds perfect? 

Flowers are an amazing gift of nature, and humans make the most of it. We use flowers to gift to our loved ones; we send flowers for mothers day to make people feel our presence who live miles away. Not only that, we even use flowers for their medicinal properties and physiological properties as well. Yes, you read that right. Flowers just don’t add beauty to the world but also heal the wounded souls as well. There are literally endless reasons why we humans love blooms. 

When talking about flowers, there is one particular flower that steals the show from all the other flowers. That is a rose flower. Everyone from arctic to Antarctica admires this flower. Despite being available easily at your local flower shops and that too at a very reasonable rate, this flower still manages to pull off their craze amongst people, especially amongst couples. For this universal love for roses, rose festivals are held across the world. Flower festivals are a beautiful sight, especially for flower lovers & Mothers Day Cake Delivery. So, if you, too, are a flower admirer, especially roses and would love the view of endless flowers surrounding you, you got to read this. This is a list of rose festivals that are held across the world.

famous rose festivals around the globe

Rose spring show, portland

Let’s start the list with portland. With spring, comes the endless variety of roses as well. Though roses are available all year round, springtime is the best time when they are at their full bloom. So, spring is the best time to host rose festivals. So, this rose spring show is held by the Lloyd Centre every year is the massive rose show that remains up for a long duration. The attractive beauty and scents of this annual rose show are the talk of the town, and it consists of 5000 blooming roses. Rose cultivators from different parts of the world, including the Pacific Northwest, participate in the show, and an estimated 6,000 visitors from within the country are expected to visit the flower show. Participants are awarded trophies who grow the most beautiful roses. This year, this festival will be held on 6th and 7th June. 

Bloemfontein rose festival

Another rose festival to keep an eye on is the Bloemfontein rose festival held in Bloemfontein. The term Bloemfontein means “fountain of flowers,” and this place is a famous city of South Africa. This place is overloaded with roses as you get to see abundant roses around the city. This makes this place the host of the Bloemfontein rose festival. This festival invited participants from all over the world to participate and experience the admiring beauty of the roses. 

Rose Festival, Chandigarh

Next, we go to Chandigarh, India. You thought that only the world could host such lovely festivals? Well, India is in the race as well. Chandigarh-the city beautiful hosts a very famous rose festival each year. The festival is Held in the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, which is a famous botanical garden where wonderful species of rose flowers are grown and showcased. Spread over 30 acres of land, the garden contains over 50,000 rose-bushes of 1600 numerous varieties of roses. Thus a magnificent rose festival is organized in the rose garden for the display of the roses, which are in full blooming stage. It is not just any other event, but the festival is one of the important events of the city. The show is held around the last week of February and the first week of March.

These are some of the world-famous rose shows that are held across the globe. Book your tickets just now as the spring season is on the peak. So next time, you are getting a flower delivery for a flower lover, put in some extra effort, and take them to one of these rose festivals.