None of you had guessed that the extension of lockdown and remote work would be till the world foresees the advent of a vaccine that can save the victims of coronavirus. It has been more than six months since you have been homebound. Those of you who thought that in-office work would resume in a few weeks have had a hard time coping with the outcome.

This transition has been no less than a challenge. There are professionals among you who had been doing work from home before the pandemic struck. However, more professionals require a list of work from home basic needs.

Earlier working from home was a choice, but now it is a necessity. Right from tips about setting up your work from home office to knowing about the technology needs for working from home, we have got your back.

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How has remote working been enhanced by the pandemic?

Before Covid-19, only emergencies meant remote work. However, now, 50% of the population has started freelancing because most of them have lost their jobs. While some have started an online business, some people are now using hobbies as the primary way to earn money. For example – if you are interested in graphic designing, then you can monetize the skill through full-time or part-time work from home jobs.

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How to set up your workspace for work from home?

Before rushing off to buy essential items to fulfil your working from home office needs, take a moment to gather your thoughts about what you need. Ask these four questions to yourself as you begin to navigate through the process of working remotely –

  1. What kind of space will I need for setting up my home office? How much space will be needed?
  2. Is my work going to be online? If yes, then which strong wi-fi connection should I purchase?
  3. Do I need to have a professional background for video conferences for work?
  4. Can I work in any room or do I need an isolated, little space?

Now, as you have figured out the objective for your workspace, let us list down some must-haves for working from home.

1.    Laptop/PC –

From MacBook Pro to Dell to Acer, you can always use your internet skills to find one that fits your budget. If you think you need to freely move around while working, then invest in a laptop. Otherwise, a desktop will also be sufficient. A laptop is the most essential item.

2.    Simple Desk –

You don’t need a fancy desk as one of the must-haves if you work from home. Choose a plain, minimalist desk that suits your needs and your budget. Opt for a simple, standing desk on which the laptop can be set up.

3.    Comfortable and Affordable Office Chair –

Your back can start to pain if you sit on a rigid wooden chair during office hours. To avoid that or minimise the pain, you need to invest in a budget-friendly, adjustable, flexible office chair. Choose a colour that matches your home office walls.

4.    Keyboard and Mouse –

For increasing your typing speed and precision in navigating on the desktop screen, you need to splurge a bit on a wireless keyboard (preferable) and a wireless mouse (preferable).

5.    Optimal WiFi Modem and Router –

This is one of the most essential technology needs for working from home. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing the virtual assistant job or a content writing job, you need strong WiFi connectivity. For that, you need to buy a good quality modem and router.

6.    Noise Cancelling Headphone –

It is not uncommon that every household has its chaos. So, while you are working from home, you need a headphone that will fade away all the extra, unnecessary noise from outside. This will only enhance your concentration and focus levels.

Checklist for ‘have-to-do’ daily –

  • Once you take a shower and get out of your track pants, you can mentally and physically switch on the ‘work from home’ mode. So, it is a must-do for all remote workers.
  • Working is good. However, overworking is not healthy. Try to make a regulated routine and stick to it so that you don’t get burnt out after a day’s work.
  • Start your day with a detailed brain dump on a to-do list pad.

A list of must-have applications and tools for working from home –

While working from home, your entire world gets confined inside the world of the web. Your activities are on laptops and mobiles. This tends to get challenging when procrastination and distraction come in the scene. So, we have listed down top applications that will help ease the grind.

  1. Use Notion/Todoist/Google Task for noting down daily, weekly and monthly tasks followed by goals. You can also use Todoist and Notion to plan your life. These apps work as a digital bullet journal.

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  1. Use Skype/Zoom for taking part in the online classes, business meetings and even discussions with your friends.

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Miscellaneous must-haves for remote work –

1.    Coffee Maker –

You can no longer enjoy the free coffee breaks while working in-office. So, you have to make a mug of your own. Coffee gives the energy to continue the grind, hence, you can never regret buying a coffee maker.

2.    Bluetooth Speaker –

While you are doing the mundane typing part of your job, you can listen to good music or podcasts or audiobooks via Bluetooth speakers so that you don’t feel inclined to go back to bed and stay there for the rest of the day.

3.    Laptop Stand –

In case your desk doesn’t match with your height, and you are constantly bending your neck, then you have to invest in a standard laptop stand. It is one of the non-negotiable must-haves if you work from home.

If you have gone through this article, then you must have gathered how to set up your home office and what to set it up with. Buy the products that will be useful for you. Don’t invest in a lot as there is a hope that this pandemic situation won’t last forever.