Good day! My name is Robert and I own a computer repairs company in Australia. How to change a Mac device’s Language or Region is one of the things I often find myself teaching my clients. I figured I’d write this article for those who have the same problem.

Whether you speak more than one language or you own a licensed software that only works with a certain language, this article will teach you how to change your Mac’s language or region setting.

Navigate to your Language & Region preference pane. If you have already chosen keyboard layouts from the different languages in the Keyboard preference pane’s Input Methods tab, you will see its associated languages listed under Preferred Languages.

To add additional languages, click on the “+” sign that can be found at the lower-left corner. You can then choose from a list then click “Add”. After you add a language, you get prompted with the option to set it as your primary language.

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If you decline, you can still drag the language to the top of Preferred Languages to change it. You can click on the gear icon then choose the menu option to apply your choice to the login window.

It’s a different setup for the region setting. To change your preferred region, you can choose a country from the Region pop-up menu. The menu where you can choose a country is divided into two regions. Your selection will automatically populate the rest of the tabs.

If you’re looking to change the language for just one particular app, you can click on the Apps tab in the pane. After that, you will be able to choose an app as well as the language you want to use it with.

Hope this helped!

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