I was recently looking for manual physiotherapy near me in SW Calgary because I needed to address the root cause of a sports injury that was not healing properly. The most important benefit of working with a sports injury physiotherapist is that they will find the body mechanics that are not working or healing correctly and target that area to rebuild strength.

When looking for physio in SW Calgary, I knew I specifically wanted manual physiotherapy to ensure that the treatments were very specific and targeted to the exact right place. I also wanted to find a location near me to ensure that I could regularly get to the necessary treatment appointments to get better as quickly as possible. A convenient location for physio in SW Calgary was a crucial factor for me in my search for the right sports injury physiotherapist.


When searching for manual physiotherapy near me in SW Calgary, here’s how I found the best one:

  • Asked Around – I checked in with other athletes that I have trained with to find out which sports injury physiotherapist they work with. It is so much easier to narrow down a search when you are starting with a recommendation from someone you trust who has similar needs as you. From there, it’s as simple as checking out the physiotherapist and the physio clinic in SW Calgary to make sure it’s a good fit for you too.
  • Check Them Out Online – Once you have a general idea of a few physiotherapists to look in to, a quick online search will give you a ton of insight to determine if they are the right fit for you. First off, ensure that their Google ratings and reviews are solid. Look for any potential red flags or even comments from other patients who had similar concerns you may have. I also checked out each physiotherapy clinic’s website to get an idea of what their core focus is and what methodologies they use to treat patients. A website is like a resume for a manual physiotherapist so check it out to find out more about them.
  • Meet And Greet – Once I thought I had found a great fit, I booked a meet and greet with the physiotherapist. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know them a bit, visit the clinic and ask a ton of questions. Be sure you understand what their qualifications are if they have certain specialties including sports injuries, booking and billing policies and anything else that will ensure you get the best quality of treatment for your unique situation.


If you follow these important steps, you are highly likely to find an amazing physio in SW Calgary to help you overcome any physical or mental blocks to having your body work at peak performance. You want to feel great throughout your life, so a physiotherapist is a critical practitioner to have on your team to support you in eliminating potential aggravating factors, heal injuries and keep you moving your best for a lifetime.