Anyone who runs a mail order business will benefit from using the right materials to protect goods during transit. Customers rarely give repeated business to a company after receiving a damaged item on arrival due to poor packaging. The money saved by not having to replace broken products will be more than offset by an investment in packaging materials. Here are some options for safeguarding products inside custom packaging boxes.

Custom Packaging Boxes
Custom Packaging Boxes

Tissue paper sheets are widely used for packaging glass, porcelain, tableware and delicate gift items. In addition to providing protection, it adds a touch of refinement to the presentation of packaged products. Machine-coated white tissue paper is economical for general use and is made from 100% recycled material. Use machine finished acid free tissue paper to wrap objects prone to tarnish such as jewelry and silverware.

Kraft paper in rolls or sheets is an inexpensive traditional packaging material. It can also be padded and used to fill the space in boxes around irregularly shaped objects. This brown paper made with pure wood pulp is naturally strong and long lasting. Recycled kraft paper is slightly less tear-resistant, but suitable for most applications. Colored and patterned kraft paper is also available.

Closed cell polyethylene foam coating is the best way to protect glass and polished wood surfaces from marks, scratches and abrasions. It is often used to separate flat-pack furniture components. The foam is light, flexible and easy to cut to the required length. It is sold in rolls of various sizes and thicknesses.

The bubble coating has long been used to cushion fragile objects. It is available in many rolls of different sizes and is easy to cut to size. Even oddly shaped goods can be quickly wrapped in all the necessary layers. Companies can show their customers that they are taking steps to protect the environment by using the biodegradable bubble coating. This product has been designed to decompose rapidly in landfills and not to leave harmful chemicals in the soil.

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Polystyrene bulk filler shavings, more commonly known as Packaging peanuts, offer many advantages. When poured into a box, they instantly fill the space around a product. They intertwine to form a matrix that surrounds objects during their time in transit. Because they are so light, they can help minimize shipping costs. The downside is that loose shavings are not popular with customers. They tend to mess when an item is unzipped.

The expanded polystyrene sheets can be used to align the boxes to provide additional protection to the contents in case the package is dropped or crushed. They are ideal for use as cushioning between layers of products within the same box. Different sizes and thicknesses are available. Environmentally conscious customers will appreciate the fact that EPS is fully recyclable and does not contain harmful CFC gas.

In many cases, the best protection for items in packaging boxes is achieved through a combination of materials. A glass vase can be wrapped in tissue paper, covered with a bubble wrap, then placed in a box full of loose shavings. A small appliance can be wrapped in polythene foam and packed in a box lined with polystyrene sheets. Most companies that sell packaging materials are happy to help mail order companies find the best total packaging solution for any product.

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