Direct family care and membership-based primary care have seen an increase in membership interest for a good reason. As medical costs and insurance premiums rise, alternative methods of obtaining family healthcare have become more commonplace. A membership-based primary care practice for your family’s medical needs allows for accessibility, budgeting and forming a relationship with your doctor, which has unfortunately been a suffering part of the traditional healthcare system.

Direct Family Care gives physicians and their patients an alternative from traditional healthcare limitations and pricing structures for family healthcare. By providing essential treatments and extensive services directly to the patient without the hassle of an insurance company, critical care is more accessible and available to the patient and their family. When you choose membership-based primary care for your family, you are committing to a practice that will put your family’s needs first, as the dependency is mutual between doctor and patient.

When researching membership-based primary care for your family, a few key benefits will be visible. Your membership fee is minimal and age-based, with a maximum capacity for the price without any limitation on family size. Monthly costs are clear cut and manageable and cover all basic primary care. Non-routine procedures have easy to navigate a la carte type fee covering everything from clinical and laboratory services, including mental and consultative services. For a large family, these upfront and honest cost approaches are essential to sticking with a household budget.

Direct family care still encompasses basic primary care from a board-certified physician. There is no eliminating the quality of expert and courteous care when you enroll your family in membership-based primary care. As a physician learns your family members, they can provide care curtailed to their individual needs. And typically, a family will find the cost of membership covers all general wellness expectations and needs. Attention, time and effort can be expected in even a standard well check.

In an emergency or out of the ordinary procedure, your direct primary care physician is often accessible after hours and knows how to act with speed and education to address those issues. They will advocate for you through the entire process – ensuring you receive the care you need. Costs for any emergency or out of the ordinary procedures will be openly discussed. They will put the decisions into the hands of the family with guidance from the medical expert, not by force or limitations based on insurance type and coverage.

Your monthly contribution ensures a wellness-based mindset in treatment programs that you might not be familiar with. Direct family care opens up alternative pathways to responding to an injury or illness in addition to traditional primary care. Often, discussing treatment options with a direct primary care physician will be a more intimate and whole person diagnosis. A primary care physician can invest time in your family and your family’s medical needs that would be unparalleled by the conventional insurance-based systems. A membership-based primary care practice allows for flexibility, personal relationship and straightforward pricing.