Metro Exodus is the third installment, single-person shooter game, based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels. It is published by Deep Silver and developed by 4A Games for every major platform such as Xbox One, Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. The game set in the former Russian Federation in which gamers must engage in battle against hostile humans and mutated creatures. However, a lot has changed in this new installment, so here are the invaluable tips to support you survive in this strange virtual world.

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1.  Check your Journal Daily:

When a gamer first exits the Aurora, they will get a map from Colonel Miller. Most importantly, the map is updated automatically using primary goals and few optional ones as well. Also, it is hidden on the back that will need to turn the map over and access Artyom’s journal.

In the game, the journal entries provide information regarding your next task and its following locations. Players can double-check their objective, which they will be working for, and the mission circumstances. The journal also helps in approach stealthily, avoid killing, or looking after certain sub-objectives. Even though you know the next location, but it is worth checking the journal before every main mission.

2.  Sleep to change the time:

As we know, Metro Exodus seasonal weather looks fabulous and offers a lot to the world, whereas the lively day and night cycle is far more helpful. Players can jump between night and day by merely sleeping at the beds available in several safe houses. Also, it is worth choosing the perfect time of day to suit your next mission.

In case you are planning on attacking a bandit camp, then relax until nightfall as it won’t be very easy to spot you at night. Besides that, if you are trekking through some open area, then it is recommended to plan a daytime trip as mutants are more vigorous at night. With this, you can easily spot your enemy and find the best path to travel.

3.  Build the Compass after you meet Krest:

In the icy Volga, gamers will meet an engineer, “Krest,” who managed to collect a number of machinery and materials. Once you met him, the next stop will be the crafting bench that allows you to build and install the compass in the game. On the compass, the thin red needle will always show the current leading goal, and it is convenient to check on the arm with HUD. So, it is quite useful to have when you are out traveling around.

4.  Not Everyone is a Foe:

There is no doubt that Metro Exodus’s world is a hostile one, whereas you will also find some genuinely lovely people out there. In the game, you will run into several NPCs and refugees, and as long as you don’t mess up, these people will not create any trouble. So, before attacking someone, make sure to check always using the reticle to know if they are opponents (red reticle), neutral (yellow reticle), or friendlies (green reticle). Players will also need to holster their guns before approaching them to show a sign of peace. In the game, a lot of NPCs will show respect and thank you for this as you are not here for combat.

5.  Use Binoculars and Scan for points of interest:

Meeting Krest will not only let gamers to avail compass, but he also will offer a pair of binoculars. One can utilize the binoculars to check out enemy locations, confirm what lies ahead and mark such details on the map accordingly. In case, a player scans using the binoculars over an optional goal and hear a click, then holding it will create a question mark pop up on your map.

6.  Check for the Early Upgrades:

Gamers will generally avail of the latest attachments and weapons as they progress in the game. However, nearly all impactful updates are for the outfit itself. So, you will need to improvise almost every part of the suit throughout the Metro Exodus game. Besides that, players can access three of the best parts right in the first location, the icy Volga. Before you go to the next site, the “Caspian Sea” tries to avail of these gizmos. Those are:

  • Night Vision Goggles: It is available in the last room of the Tsar Fish’s storehouse.
  • Upgraded Flashlight Battery: Find your way to the shed against the northeast safehouse of Krest.
  • Metal Detector: In the southeast corner of the small house around a broken crane, search to the west in order to find the teddy.

7.  Use Silenced Guns:

Stealth is always the first priority and plays a big part in the Metro games. The normal weapons can usually attract every mutant and other enemies near you. So, it is better to use the silenced gun as they are not entirely untraceable, but worth using than normal weapons. At last, make sure to check weapons that can be fitted with a silencer at your crafting bench and eliminate enemies conveniently.

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