When it comes to skin aging, the derma autopen plays a great role. Derma auto pen also is known as the micro-needling pen is a device with an advanced technology to care for skin issues. Therefore, it will help in skin toning, tightening your skin, and also skin rejuvenation with tone-textures. Different derma auto pens have different requirements.

The micro-needling pen will operate by forming more tiny and invisible piercing wounds at the top layer of the skin. The piercing heals naturally and it is painless.

What is the derma autopen?

The micro-needling pen is a spring-loaded needle tip. It has a vibrating movement which will make huge quantities of piercing to the epidermis. The needle has a perpendicular stamping activity. This makes it more this makes it helpful to relieve the pain & regain every skin damage. Derma auto pen is suitable for removing skin wrinkles, fine lines, acne, keloid & stretch marks. This pen is also suitable for reducing the size of big-pores.

Derma pens can be used with any kind of skin. It is made up of different needles which range from 0.25mm – 2.5mm. Therefore you can use different pins to different areas of your body. Derma pen can readily stimulate the manufacturing collagen & elastin which makes your skin smooth. Below we have reviewed Koi beauty derma auto pen stamp skin facial therapy.

Benefits of Micro-needling Technology

  • The treatment process is very fast hence carried out for a short time
  • There isn’t downtime
  • It’s safe for every the skin color and type
  • The process is comfortable and you will hardly feel a discomfort


Koi beauty derma autopen is a single-electric handpiece. The derma pen is composed of an AC source the other part includes microscopic 12-needles at a cartridge. The derma pen has an inner motor. The motor makes the cables to oscillate at a speed of 110 revolutions every second. This makes the instrument be among the top best micro-needle pens in the market.

This Koi derma auto pen is well designed to allow you to work with it perfectly. You will be able to comfortably hold it without struggles. This derma pen comes with an aluminum specimen-box for easier storage and carrying. This pen is lightweight hence you won’t fill fatigue when using it.


This derma pen is suitable for both office and home use. It is convenient and simple to use. No expert skills required for you to operate it properly. It has a powerful motor for convenience and efficiency. This derma pen has different levels of speed and depth setting. They include;

  • Level 1 has a speed of 30-35 time/sec and it is capable of penetrating under 0.5mm
  • Level 2 offers a speed of 50-55 time/sec and it is capable of piercing in between 0.5-0.75mm
  • Level 3 has a speed of 70-75 times/sec. It has a depth penetration of 0.75-1.25mm
  • Level 4 gives a speed of 90-95 time/sec with a depth of 1.25-1.5mm.
  • Level 5 has a speed of 110-115 time/sec. This level has a depth of in between 1.5-2.5mm

Power source

This Koi derma auto pen gets its power from the Lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are placed in the pen and they are rechargeable. You are provided with a charger for recharging the battery when the battery power is low. When the batteries spoil and can’t hold power anymore, you can easily replace it.


Koi derma autopen is a safer and more effective way of piercing your skin. The pen offers superior effects on elastin and collagen rejuvenation. This pen will perfectly treat hard to reach places. This derma pen helps in reducing scars and it increases the production of natural collagen. After using, you will have no injury & bleeding that will be experienced.

Always use the needle cartridge once. Also, one needle cartridge can only be used by one person to prevent infectious diseases & inflammation. However, remember that this product isn’t a medical device. It’s not made to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease. With the product, you will always appreciate the beauty in you because your skin will be clean.


  • Helps in reducing scars on your skin which will improve the skin tone
  • It is simple & convenient to use
  • Has different adjustable speed level and depth
  • It is safer and more effective than the traditional way
  • Helps in the production of new elastin & collagen


  • Needs much care to prevent it causing damage to your skin
  • The needle cartridge can’t be re-used.

What’s in the box? 

  • Koi derma autopen
  • A charger
  • Needle cartridges
  • User guide

Koi derma auto pen is suitable and a safer way of treating your skin. You will be able to do away with fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and stretch marks. This product is packaged in a carry box for convenience and easier storage. This derma pen is simple to use and operate. With it, your skin will remain clean and smooth. Always remember that the needle cartridges are suitable for one person to use only. This will help in preventing infectious diseases.

The Microneedling pen will penetrate your skin vertically which causes less tear to your skin. With the inbuilt motor system, you will have a more precise & perfect depth penetration. You will be able to set the speed level you need easily. It can be done on your face as it is not harmful.