To successfully conduct any conference, there is a need for high-quality conference microphones. Everyone who is sitting around the conference needs to have a microphone so that they are heard clearly by everyone and there is no noise which limits their capacity to reach out to a lot of people. Both wireless and wired microphones can be used to transmit the audio. Mentioned below are some of the well-known conference microphone brands:


1. Buehler Conference Microphone Systems-  These are high- quality, modern microphone systems created by BrahlerOS. They help foster outstanding communication conditions. They offer functions of call station. There is an integrated language selector which can have up to 32 channels.

2. Taiden Conference Microphone Systems- These paperless conference systems represent fourth-generation conference system products. They have a 10″ LCD touch screen with 1280X800 high-resolution. This microphone system is particularly designed for high-level meetings like city councils, conventions, etc.

3. Godin 10000 Series Triple-band Wireless Conference System- In these microphone sensitivity can be adjusted from 0 to 4. Multiple systems can work simultaneously without causing any kind of disturbance or problem. They have a CD-quality sound.

4. Sennheiser Conference Microphone- This is a high-performance twin conference system which has a charging time of 4 hours.

5. Team connect Conferencing System- These are all in one superb conferencing solution for any meeting room.

These are some of the popular conference microphone brands. Event Technology offers all these conference microphone products so to as accomplish all your conference needs.