Summer 2020 is just here. With an addition in warm weather, this season also brings a variety of new lip color trends. With thousands of different shades residing in the retail aisle, it’s difficult to make a perfect choice. The use of vivid pop lipstick colors is seeming a hot fashion this year. The makeup artists have experimented with different colors and concluded some of the best shades to experiment with. From millennial pink color to double toned nude, there is a lot of lipstick love to go around. With these exciting colors, a woman can add more glamour and charm to her face. Attractively designed cardboard lipstick packaging contributes a lot in this regard. This makes your product to be chosen over competitors.

Summer is the best time to show off the vibrant colors to create a sexy feel. Surely no one will like to miss them up while getting dressed. Here are some of the super lipstick shades for summer that will enhance your overall look. These colors come in well-designed lipstick boxes by various brands in creamy or matte texture. The shades beautifully glide over the lips, keeping them attractive all day long.

Millennial Pink:

This color was once popular as baby pink but now it is slightly toned down to make a perfect color of choice. Millennial pink is a very soft shade. It gives an elegant and classy look, seeming that all the blue notes have been taken out and you are left with cheeky pink shade warm shade. The color is ideal to pair with almost everything. You may try luxury lipstick box packaging for L’Oreal Paris Infallible Liquid Lipstick Dose of Red.


It’s not burgundy and not blue, rather eggplant shade is the hybrid of purple lipstick hue. Soon you will see everyone obsessing over it this summer. The trick to rock this dark lipstick it to couple it with minimal and light eye makeup. This makes your pout do all the talking. The product recommendation includes Loreal Paris highly-Pigmented Ultra Matte Nude Lipstick in Berry Extreme shade. It’s a single lipstick box. The ultra-rich color makes it worth trying.

Golden Apricot:

It’s another attractive summer lip color. If you love the idea of the neutral lip and want to give your pout an extra flair, this golden apricot hue makes a perfect choice. The peachy shade is covered with shimmery gold to create a soft lip eye-catchy look. As the color gives a royal look so its packaging is also designed as royal lipstick boxes. L’Oreal Paris Color Rich Golden Splendid Lip color is one of the good product picks.

Hot Pink:

It’s an old but good choice. Hot pink will be a forever choice of makeup artists, especially for summer. It reflects a bright feminine style. The color instantly becomes the focal point o your face making you look more confident and charming. If you go for L’Oreal Lipstick Wholesale packaging, Framboise Frenzy in pro-matte is the best choice to go with.

Orange Red:

If you look around, you will find orange as one of the popular colors of the season. It gives a slightly warmer look than a classic red pout. Orange-red lips give a retro look that pairs well with modern trends. Moreover, this shade is the preferred choice of women with medium to fair complexion. Orange-red lip color is common. You will find it Display lipstick boxes of almost every brand. However, if you want to try L’Oreal, it’s Color Rich Matte Lipstick at Bat gives an outstanding shade all day long.

Two-Tone Nude:

If you are not a lipstick kind of girl, this summer season hottest trend includes paring two similar nude lipsticks together. This creates a statement pout like no other. Just put the lighter nude shade on the top lip and darker nude shade on the bottom lip. Tip-off they with a little lip gloss and all is done. This creates an entirely new hot look which no one can ignore. To enjoy the best combination; try L’Oreal Paris lipstick packaging for Ultra Matte Highly pigmented Nude Lip Color in Utmost Taupe and Ultra Nude shade.


It’s a bright ocean-inspired lipstick shade. By wearing it you can bring your inner mermaid out. The color has become so trendy this summer that in every woman makeup boxes this shade is a must. Having vivid, coral lips seem intimidating but as soon as you wash your pout, you will fall in love with it. This attractive color helps in keeping your face awake for a fun, flirty look. You can use this shade in the morning as well as night gatherings. It is just perfect for any party or a festive event. The best product recommendation includes L’Oreal Paris Infallible pro-matte scented liquid lipstick in Mademoiselle Mango.