Your office is your bread and butter as well as your company’s platform to success. In addition to the perfect strategies, you need essential office stationery supplies to effectively and efficiently run your business.

When buying, don’t just go for any product, go for ones that work and last. At the end of the day, your purchase should be based on quality and value. If you need help with these aspects, check some of the essential office stationery items below:

Writing pads

Writing pads are necessary when it comes to jotting down important information that include names, phone numbers, addresses, and other details. That being said, it’s best to have even small notepads beside your office telephone to ensure that information that is transacted on a regular manner is tracked in an orderly manner. In the long run, this can ensure that even the littlest details are not overlooked.

White papers

White papers, as simple as they seem are essential office stationery supplies because they act as backups when there are no writing pads available. Plus, they can be used when brainstorming and/or simply putting down your thoughts.


Arguably the most important essential office stationery items that should always be present in your office is pens. On the one hand, there is no excuse not to have one. On the other hand, make it a point to get the right pens that complement different situations. It is ideal to have different pens that have different inks so that you can easily change pens accordingly.


Envelopes are practical options, especially when sending business cards, checks, invitations, and even company flyers. It should be noted that even in today’s internet-influenced business sector, writing letters are still heralded by many as a formal method of communication between individuals and companies. Also, they are still used in many legal undertakings and having them around can be handy.

Staplers and Paper Clips

Staplers as well as paper clips may seem unnecessary, but these miniature devices deliver huge gains. They are some of the best office stationery items to attach papers and therefore become organized. Be sure to have a lot of staplers and paper clips, especially if you handle a lot of receipts and other similar documents on a regular basis.

Summing up

The above mentioned items are some of the most practical and essential office stationery items for basically any office. Regardless of the setting and nature of business, they can ensure that everything is organized, classified, and so on.