Here is the continuation of the adventures of Reynaud and Jennifer; I let you discover this new story.

While I digested what I had just discovered, my darling left the military institution for the public service, I said to myself that this should calm all this debauchery and all these excesses. I felt a little more serene, so I opened the folder titled only 2.

The surprise was immediate as for the interior I saw again a photo file and a video file. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I wondered how it was possible, then a saved email brought me the answer, so I opened this email and I saw that the sender was none other than Samuel, his former colleague military. The mail was addressed to a person whom I did not know, at least for the moment, the mail was explicit, it explained and described my wife as she had been as a soldier. I found it shameful to write this but quickly remembering what I had seen, he was not wrong, I looked for who was the famous Max who was the recipient. My blood froze when I realized that Max was none other than his current work colleague and the one who shared his office.

I couldn’t believe it, how did they meet? Why this mail? How is it possible ? Won’t it start all over again? All these questions upset me.

So I opened the photo folder, which did not fail to shock me once again, I who thought she had turned the page, I who thought it was over, I had the answer that not immediately. So I saw photos of my semi-dressed wife again, a shot with her tops, a shot with her stockings, then nothing. Despite the pain I felt, my cock swelled immediately and I could not once again curb my desires to masturbate in front of these photos of my wife revealing herself to other strangers. I masturbated in front of the photos where she posed naked in the changing rooms of the large shopping center which adjoins her work, then a new series in the parking lot of the same center, to finally finish in a series directly in her office and in the corridor.

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I ejaculated while I saw my wife in the middle of the corridor of her naked job with a poster taped on her and which said: “good little whore to kiss”.

I continued to look at all these photos , it went from the one with cocks in his mouth or on his face and on his body, of my wife tied in the hallway or in the meeting room with everyone around including his chefs, photos with his colleagues at home or at work. I even saw her lying on a desk serving as a dining table. She did as in the army, her porn star, the photos began to speak for herself. She was again taken in close-up with two acorns in her mouth, I saw her in the photo being taken on her desk the photo of our children next to it, and the one where her face is covered with cocks.

A series called to me when I saw her sucking the cleaning man, a black super imposing compared to her, or this series or she is in the building security PC sucking and jerking off the agents security. Definitely they are all over it, I even ended up seeing the series or it was taken under the desk of his boss trying to lick her pussy.

I tell myself that she will then really have done everything and that it is only the train that has not passed over her.

I closed the file to open the one called video. What would I still be able to find more humiliating for her and for me?

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