The craze of cruising is increasing like never before. It is one of the few things anyone would like to experience while holidaying with family members and loved ones. The sheer joy of taking some time off to see the ripples of the water currents around you while cruising gives you some tranquil moments. Cruising is fun for everyone but how to have fun without burning a hole in your pocket or at least using it more judiciously. While it is a money-saver, to begin with, some best travel agencies in the US such as My20DollarTravelBusiness and others, it is equally important to know some tips that you may never know ever after booking through these agencies.

Below are some effective tips to save money while cruising:

Considering an Experienced Travel Agent

Using a travel agent helps you have better offers, as he is in the industry, having the required experience. Various incentives come with booking through him. Not only he explains the ships to you, but he also offers you cabin credit that can be used onboard for any purchase. Usually, the credit amount depends on the type of cabin but it does allow you to start your cruise with some free money. The travel agencies such as My20DollarTravelBusiness do offer reduced cruise deposits. These deposits can be $250 to $500 per person.

Avoiding Expensive Internet Packages

Most cruise ships offer internet packages at the expense of $15 to $25 per day. The price may even exceed depending upon whether or not it is solely used by you as the expense or the fee covers a limited number of devices only.

Hence, it is advisable to purchase an international calling plan and waiting until you get to port to make calls and check emails.


Saving Money Onboard

A cruise ship offers a great number of temptations while you are onboard. With little prudence, anyone can avoid these temptations and hence, save money onboard. Having your camera to click pictures helps you save money as it is not uncommon for staffers to ask to take your photo. These photos are an attempt to make you spend heavily. Spa treatments, facials, hair styling, manicures, and pedicures onboard are costly. Massages on a cruise cost $200 or more. Hence, getting it done before the cruise makes you save money on board. Similarly, specialty restaurants may tempt you to spend as high as $50 per person. As the cruise fare also includes the price of dining in the main dining room. It makes sense to stick to it to save a great amount of money.

Booking Early

There are numerous benefits of booking early for a cruise. Some of these include the best choice of staterooms, the best price on a cruise, and more time to search for airfare. It also gives you enough time to plan and getting family and friends to join you.

Knowing Additional Charges

As the price for an inside cabin per person also includes additional charges such as tax, tips, fees, and port charges, hence the offer that may seem attractive and budget-friendly may not seem as cost-efficient after the inclusion of these additional charges.


Cruising is fun and its craze is increasing like never before. While it does provide enough fun, you may get tempted to spend more onboard. This is why, to keep within the budget you must know some tips such as booking through a leading Travel Agency such as My20DollarTravelBusiness and others, avoiding expensive internet packages, saving money onboard, booking early and knowing additional charges.