Pursuing a merchant navy degree has a range of benefits like you can start earning from the very young age of life. Merchant navy is a worthwhile career option, and this platform gives you ample opportunities to travel and explore every part of the world without paying any amount from your pocket.  

The attractive salary is entirely tax-free. Another essential and significant benefit is you can grab the opportunity to serve your motherland and make it feel proud as you will be representing your country. With these entire benefits, one can start thinking of seeking a career in the merchant navy course. Not like other 9 to 5 jobs, merchant Navy jobs involve more action and adventure. People who love adventure-filled jobs will love it.

Merchant Navy Courses – Merchant Navy career is not only rewarding monetarily but also satisfying and quite exigent. List of Best Merchant Navy Courses for getting merchant navy jobs are below – 

B.TECH Marine Engineering – This is an Undergraduate Program OF 4 years. After completing the program, successful candidates will be provided Class 4 Marine Engineer Officer Certificate of Competency. Ministry of Shipping awards this certificate is awarded. Candidates may become Marine Engineers on any Merchant Navy ship after six months of sea service.

GME Course – GME course is a one-year-long program. It is a pre-sea training course for Graduates Candidates are rewarded the Class 4 Marine Engineer Officer Certificate of Competency on completing this program. The Ministry of Shipping, India grants this certificate. Candidates may become Marine Engineers on Merchant Navy ships after six months of Sea service in any part of the world.

NCV Course – NCV abbreviation stands for Near Coastal Voyage, it is a six months-long training program. The first training program will be followed by 18 months of training with a distance learning program or 24 months of offshore training.

Nautical Science Diploma – Diploma version of Nautical Science is another course available in front of merchant navy aspirants. The course is followed by 18 months of sea service which will lead to 2nd mate foreign going certificate from the Ministry of Shipping.

Commercial Diving – The job of a commercial diver involves diving underwater and performing tasks like survey, welding, cable laying, obstacle spotting, and removing underwater cutting. If you want an adrenaline crammed job, commercial diving will suit you. 

Best merchant navy Institutes in India – Merchant Navy institutes are based at planned locations in the country and are anticipated to provide training to people who are wishing to join this non-antagonistic economic force. Listed below are some of the top merchant navy institutes in India 2020 are –

  • Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training, Pune
  • Institute of Technology & Marine Engineering, Kolkata
  • B.P. Marine Academy, Navi Mumbai
  • TS Rahaman, Mumbai
  • Tolani Maritime Institute Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies, Mumbai
  • International Maritime Institute, Delhi
  • Vels Academy of Maritime Studies, Chennai
  • Indian Maritime University, Chennai
  • Coimbatore Marine College, Coimbatore