The United Arab Emirates has become the new business hub in the Middle Eastern countries of the world due to increased opportunities for progress. The businesses that start from small scale make enough progress in the time span of a year or two that they start thinking about expanding their network.

The very first step in this business expansion is relocating to a bigger and better setup. It may sound an excellent achievement, which is as simple as moving the office equipment and setting up at the new place. However, it is not as simple because of the increased dependence of business on the IT infrastructure. This is one of the most important needs and requirements of any business setting and structured cabling crucial for businesses, which should be handle with great care.

This article aims to shed light on the network cabling concerns related to business relocation.

Top 5 Cabling Tips to Utilize While Relocating Business

Moving the office space to a better location is one of the biggest wishes of every business owner. The change in location can leave a refreshing impact on the workers, as well as ensure new opportunities for progress. However, all of this is possible only when all the things are in place, and the employees can work in a trouble-free setting. All of this can go in vain if the cabling network is not handled properly.

The following are some of the most important cabling concerns that you should address properly before relocating your business setup.

1. Plan in Advance

Planning in advance is one of the most crucial points linked to office relocation. You may be doing so already, however, remember the fact that planning related to cabling network should also be an essential part of it.

You need to check your requirement of the server room, phone lines, number of cables, power outlets, etc. in order to establish networking efficiently. In addition to it, the businesses also need to check in with their service providers in order to inform them as well as get the service on a new location. Most of the businesses acquire the service of structured cabling companies to manage and implement their cabling network planning.

2. List Needs of All Departments

In most of the office relocation projects, the human resource department serves as the head. It is only right because the department has the responsibility of looking after the needs of the workforce and providing them the best setup to work efficiently.

However, they might not be well aware of the technical needs and issues of every department, which can cause problems later on. So, an important concern that you need to handle while relocating business setup is to involve different departments and ask about their needs. It is specifically crucial for the IT department as they often have the responsibility of looking after the network setups.

3. Consider Physical Location

One of the most important cabling concerns that you should address before relocating your business setup is considering the physical location of the new space. You need to check the power supply, as well as other technology suppliers in the area.

Pay close attention to data network jacks, electrical outlets, an ideal location for workstations, as well as other devices in order to lay a smooth network connection. In addition to it, check the measurement of rooms to assess your cabling needs.

4. Prepare All the Equipment and Wires

Preparing all the equipment and wires for the office relocation project is another important concern that you should address before making your new setup operational. Considering the physical location will help you list the issues that you can face as well as amendments the existing setup would require.

So, ensure to prepare all the equipment, as well as the needs related to wires. You need to ensure that your cabling network fits the needs in terms of length, as well as the load on them, in order to avoid overloading or crushing, which will start a chain of issues at your new setup.

5. Involve the Experts

Once you have identified all the requirements of your new business location and are ready to make a move, you need to first place all the networks in their right space. The office space would not be workable until all the connections are in place and working efficiently to provide the needed support to the workforce.

So, setting up a complete cabling network requires professional skill and expertise. You might ruin the whole setup by mismatching the connections and end causing loss to business and facility. You can hire the service of experts and professionals from structured cabling UAE based companies and let them establish the connection to work in a perfect setting.

Tend to network cabling needs while relocating businesses!

Most of the time, business owners and the workforce are only excited about moving locations as they get a new atmosphere, workstations, and setups. They forget about their connection needs, which are crucial for getting the work done.

If you are making the same mistake, you might have to pay heavily for it. So, plan your move while considering the cabling network needs and requirements. It is best to involve the professionals from the get-go to avoid the issues and smoothly start working from the new space.