For decades, New York City’s Penn Station has been famous worldwide for giving its visitors a crowded, dank and generally unpleasant experience.

But now a new design, unveiled on Wednesday, aims to rectify the loss caused when the station’s original majestic concourse was demolished in 1963.

Costing $1.6 billion (£1.2 billion), the Moynihan Train Hall has been built in the Farley Post Office opposite Penn Station.

It opens for business on 1 January.

Named after Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan who in the 1990s promoted the idea of using the post office building for Penn Station, the new hall in what is the US’s busiest station has been a long time coming.

Filled with natural light and art, it harks back to the railway station’s glory days.

The original Penn Station was built in 1910, in the heyday of the railroad, and its glamour matched America’s grand ambition for the country’s future.

Built by the architectural firm McKim, Mead and White, the huge building had Doric columns, 150-foot (45m) ceilings and was shaped from the same stone as the Coliseum.–5feda794deb43e03920e7aa3