Flowers are the most beautiful way to express your love to someone. They show you signify a love that comes from within. Many flowers symbolize love. But the roses, especially red ones, are the most popular ones.
New year flowers are the most beautiful flowers to give to the person you love. These flowers will leave unforgettable marks in their life. The following list consists of the most beautiful Alstroemeria flowers you can use to show your loved one’s romance.

1. Red Roses

These flowers are the most popular ones for expressing love. They are known to be the most romantic flowers in the world. Roses have stunning flowers that no one can resist. They have a sweet smell and many different colors.
The color of rose is the most popular one when it comes to the expression of love. They represent eternal love. Giving these flowers to your partner is the way to represent your true desires for them. Roses are most used during valentine’s day. They can also be used on any occasion of life. You can give them during the new year celebration to mark a new start.

2. Alstroemeria

It is also identified as the Peruvian lily and is among the most beautiful flowers in the world. They consist of different colors with different meanings. Giving your partner a red or pink alstroemeria will make them feel loved and cared for.
They are the best flowers to give them during your anniversary. Purple colors will also be okay since it symbolizes beauty and honesty.

3. Camellia

For anniversary celebrations, camellia makes a perfect flower. It represents eternity and faithfulness. This flower originated in Japan and China. It has been used there for many years. The best color to portray your love would be a deep red or pink one.

4. The Blue Iris

It is a new year flower that represents faith and hope. It also represents love in Greek. Iris is a beautiful flower that makes the best romantic gift for your partner. It can be gifted on occasions such as the new year celebration, birthday celebration, or anniversary.
You can accompany this flower gift with a few messages of love. Make your partner know that they are unique like the blue iris and that you love them a lot.

5. Daisies

The new year flowers come in different shades. Gerbera daisies are the most loved ones. They symbolize innocence and happiness in general. This romantic flower may be used for new relations. Those friends that want to turn their relationship into something more should opt for daisies.

6. Pastel Carnation

These flowers are best gifted to a more private partner. Carnations consist of different colors that have different meanings. The carnations are a symbol of pure love, while the pink ones represent admiration.
The new year flower is best for birthday occasions. You can use them to wish your partner a happy birthday. Their beauty and fragrance are outstanding. Your partner will surely love them.

7. Orchids

They are among the most beautiful flowers in the world. Orchids can be used on any occasion. They are known to rebloom if they are properly taken care of. Orchids are among the oldest flowers. They have different colors, which represent luck, hope, and love.
You can give these beautiful flowers to your partner on birthday occasions. This will make them feel beautiful and precious, just like the orchids.

8. Lilac

With their beautiful light violet flowers, lilac symbolizes love. If you are in a new relationship, these flowers would be the best ones. You can use them as gifts during a birthday event. These beautiful flowers will make them feel treasured. The beautiful, strong color will represent a strong love.

9. Tulips

Tulips are for a cheerful partner. They come in different shades, which includes;

· Red
· Purple
· White
· Pink
· Yellow
All of these colors have different meanings. The color that represents love is red tulips. White tulips represent apology. Tulips are best for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. You can as well use them as gifts for a new relationship.
This will enable you to express your real intentions towards your new partner. They will make them feel that you want something more.

10. Peonies

Peonies are most of the time associated with romance and prosperity. They are among the most beautiful flowers used as gifts. They were also believed to be a source of good luck. These beautiful flowers can make good gifts for your partner during important occasions of their lives.

11. The Stargazer Lily

These beautiful flowers are a representation of wealth and prosperity. If your partner loves brighter colors in their homes or office, you can give them bright pink lilies. Giving them these during valentine’s day occasion or birthday will make them feel treasured.


Flowers are the most appreciated gifts. This is due to their beauty. Celebrating any of your occasions with these flowers will, without doubt, strengthen your relationship. These new year flowers will leave a longer impression on your partner.