Online Services have made things easy for those who avail for it ever since its origination. No one would have ever thought that solemn businesses like banking, insurance and other finance sectors too would join the online medium of doing business as it requires more alertness in the dealings and transactions. But here we are in the ’Smart Era’, where everything is digital.

Let us taper the article to our area of interest- How to procure online gold loan services in India? It is always ‘restful’ for those who look for loan against gold to avail these services without even having to step out. It is been a practice for several years now. But how do we initiate the process? The customer has to fill an online form where they have to fill in the prompted details like KYC forms, personal and bank details. The customer will have to consent to the privacy policies and terms & conditions of the corresponding site to advance the process.

For instance, Kosamattam Finance has a Freedom Online Gold Loan (FOGL) service for processing gold loan online. The only time you need to be in the gold loan financing institute will be that once when you take your gold to them for their consideration and approval. Based on the loan to value ratio, the customer will be eligible for certain specific amount that will be credited to their bank account registered with them. Additionally, repayment of loans is also possible through the online medium. This online method of gold loan services is much preferred these days, the very easiness with which the customers can handle things being the reason for it!