The Process of Recovery from Opioid Addiction

Medication Assisted Treatment is a renowned mode of treatment that uses various prescription medications like, Suboxone, Vivitrol, Sublocade and several other buprenorphine based medications, along with several kinds of behavioural therapies to treat opioid addiction. The suboxone treatment centers near me aid their patients to overcome the emotional, physical, psychological as well as social barriers which are associated with recovery.

There are multiple suboxone treatment centers completely dedicated in aiding patients to recover from addiction to opioids via the access to Medication Assisted Treatment or MAT. Opioids include many prescription pain medications like:

  • Codeine
  • Percocet
  • Vicodin
  • OxyContin
  • Hydrocodone
  • Demerol

And evenillicit street opioids like

  • Heroin
  • Fentanyl

Even though a complex brain disease, opioid use disorder is more often seen as amoral failing which can keep people away from accessing treatment.

Suboxone and Sublocade: Role of Counseling

Suboxone and Sublocade, which are Buprenorphine based medication shave successfully proven to assist patients who have grown a physical dependence on the opioids drugs. All these patient shave to do is to replace their usage of prescription medications and street drugs with the regular doses of Suboxone or if they opt then, monthly injections of Sublocade. The Suboxone treatment regimen lets the people to consume their medication in the extreme privacy of their own houses and only on a schedule that fits their daily routine. Most important fact to be noted is that this treatment aids the patients to halt their usage of prescription and street opioids as well as avoid withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

The great combination of suboxone treatment along with proper psychological counselling help people to find a recovery from their addiction and thus, return to living a productive and healthy life.

Now widely recognized as a chronic disease, opioid addiction, which is treated in sublocade treatment centers are designed in such a way to aid people recover. As research related to brain and its illness have become more and more sophisticated, the proofs are currently overwhelming that patients who are suffering from addiction to opioids require to be treated with proper medication in the similar way how people with diabetes require insulin.

Case Management, Assessment as well as Intake

On the very first visit to one of their doctor’s offices for Suboxone treatment near me, one will go through an intake procedure. The patient will meet with an experienced medical provider who has much skill and experience in treating people who are completely dependent on opioids as well as prescribing the drug Suboxone.

What the sublocade doctors near me would do is to collect the patient’s vital stats and a urine screen. They will talk to the patient about their options for treatment in depth. If the patient is a good fit for their protocols, they will be provided a prescription for Suboxone or another similar type of treatment and also a referral for the individual or for group counselling.


The patients will be given a case manager at their first appointment. These case managers will check in with the patients after their first appointment. One must feel absolutely free to call at anytime to ask any kind questions or express any type of concern that they have. The case managers might ask the patient to visit with him or her after a week’s time just to make sure that everything is going properly.

In most cases, the Suboxone doctor will ask to meet the patient back after one week. These practitioners generally check with their new patients once in a week for the first few weeks and then once each month after that, till the time the patients are completely stable as well as fully compliant with their treatment.

Monthly Maintenance

After a patient is stabilized with Suboxone or any other buprenorphine based product as well as counselling, the patient will require to return once every month to check in with the doctor. They will screen the patient for any drug left in the system. So the patient will jointly dore-assessment of their growth as well as work to wards furthering their recovery.

Addiction Counselling

Working along with be counsellor will be an imperative part of their recovery. Management of the emotional side of their addiction is as significant as the consumption of medication to manage their physical cravings as well as withdrawal symptoms, which will be done through suboxone treatment. Based on these individual requirements, a patient would be assigned with a counsellor who will work with them in order to address the major issues which had contributed to their addiction.

These clinics generally see their patients for addiction counselling services for at least once a week for outpatient services. But for intensive outpatient services, they are required to be checked at least three times a week.Based on the referral from the PRP program director, psychiatric rehabilitation services are offered. They typically vary depending upon the individualized need.