One of the most widely used tapes in a different type of industry is OPP Tape. This is also known as BOPP tapes. These tapes come with a unique kind of molecule structure and also has a sufficient amount of resin stabilization properties. That’s why it is an effective and ideal choice for various product packaging. Besides, such tapes have optical as well as mechanical features and stretch perfectly based on the direction of the machine.

The primary element of these tapes is Polypropylene. All most all types of adhesives tapes have Polypropylene as it has amazing properties and features. In fact, Shrink Wrap, which is also a great packaging adhesive tape, also has Polypropylene. As they have thermoplastic polymer, they are malleable at a particular temperature, and when cooled, they can rerun to the solid form.

Such films are stretchable and can be stretched in a different direction. Such stretching characteristics of the film enhance its transparency and clarity. Rugged nature, along with high tensile strength, makes it a perfect product to be used for labeling and packaging.

Speaking about a few other impressive properties of Polypropylene, they are abrasion resistant, moisture, and burst resistant. The surface supports printing features, and you can even get a custom OPP tape having your brand logo. On the other side, such tapes can work at extremely low or high temperatures. Now, let’s have a look at some benefits of OPP tapes.

OPP tapes’ benefits

  1. Superior quality gumming effect

If you buy the OPP packaging tape or Shrink Wrap from a well-known manufacturer like Humi Pak, then such packaging film can ensure a top-quality gumming effect. When you use the best quality tapes, after pulling it out quickly, you can see that the tape will tear off the packaging box’s initial layer. But with a poor-quality tape, you will not find such a thing. So, when you use the best one, you can make sure that the products are held together quite effectively, and it helps you to transfer the good in the right condition.

  1. Easy customizations

These tapes come with easy customization features, and you can customize it based on your business requirement. For example, you can print your company’s logo or name on the tapes. Besides, they come in various color options. That means you are free to use them the way you want to advertise your products and to boost brand awareness with colorful and innovative packaging.

  1. Unlimited options

Such tapes come in different sizes, and that makes them quite useful for different types of automated applications. For example, you can use the tapes for bigger as well as smaller boxes as per your shipping requirements. This, in turn, will enable you to have a better organization of the products.

Performance and features

As discussed above, it has the required strength and rugged structure that makes it perfect packaging as well as labeling material. It is highly resistant to any chemical solvents. The tapes or wraps are easy to laminate, coast, and print. As per the various reports, this packaging material offers a lower level of elongation; on average, it is around 150 percent. Another important thing is, it is quite easy to slit.

With thermoplastic polymer characteristics, it can offer effective packaging results in lower and higher temperatures. Well, not all manufacturers offer tensile strength statistics, but you can expect that from industrial-grade packaging tape. In fact, they can bear around 27 pounds per inch of longitudinal pressure and 44LBS per inch. Besides, the average temperature for the application can range for around 35 to 110degree F, and the standard thickness can be around 30-micron.

The most important thing is, all most all the OPP tapes are non-toxic, and some even comply with all the environmental protection standard. Companies like Humi Pak offer recycled material made tapes.

Adhesive quality

The most common type of adhesive that you will find in a Shrink Wrap or OPP packaging wrap is hot melt synthetic rubber or acrylic. Such adhesives are very consistent in nature and seals quickly. Some come with acrylic adhesive.