Health technologies which mainly consist of installation and maintenance of medical equipment with supplies are vital for the functioning of a healthy ecosystem. The medical devices are of paramount importance in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases that ensure patient rehabilitation. Arnulfo Medina Acosta, founder of Acosta Enterprises, SA de CV (an entity setup with full compliance of local laws) in Mexico is a name to reckon within the field of Optical, Technical and Medical Apparatus. The entity is a leading medical equipment supplier of healthcare equipment being used in the operating room, critical care, and recovery room. It supplies anesthesia machines, electrical fittings, medical furniture, patient vital sign monitors, MRI machines, ventilators, CT scanners, electrosurgical units and a plethora of other widely acceptable equipment, supplies, healthcare technologies, and clinical assets.

Arnulfo Medina Acosta

In the area of health technologies, even the World Health Organization is taking lead and encouraging the partner nations to give importance to appropriate deployment and use of health technologies with an increased focus on the selection and management of medical equipment and devices. Since medical equipment and devices are directly related to the quality of treatment, it is but essential to have a well chalked down and easy to deploy maintenance program ready which will ensure reliability, safety, and availability at the time of therapies, diagnostic procedures and monitoring of patients. Further management of maintenance schedules will augment the working tenure of the equipment and reduce the overheads towards equipment ownership.

Arnulfo medina Acosta‚Äôs venture Acosta Enterprises offers a comprehensive range of medical equipment along with flexible healthcare solutions so that healthcare providers keep their focus on the improvement of patients’ health through prevention, treatment, and recovery without worrying about installation and maintenance of medical equipment. They perform maintenance inspection of healthcare technology and assets encompassing preventive and corrective maintenance. This is undertaken to ensure that devices and equipment deliver error-free results and their functioning stays intact for a longer span of time. They also undertake performance inspection which includes ensuring that all equipment and devices are working flawlessly and that they are safe for patients as well as staff.

Arnulfo Medina Acosta

Medical Equipment Maintenance by Arnulfo Medina Acosta

Of the services offered, maintenance is primarily aimed at maximizing the useful life of all equipment and facilities, in perfect conditions for use, and ensuring at all times the safety of people.

Comprehensive plans for predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance of medical equipment.

  • Verification and calibration of medical equipment.
  • Advice, consulting in technology management and maintenance.
  • Repotentialization of equipment.
  • Technical training
  • Technical and general inventories.
  • Evaluation and evaluation of equipment

For this, the preventive, corrective maintenance protocols will be carried out in accordance with the instructions/recommendations of the equipment manufacturer and current regulations. The maintenance of equipment and facilities will focus on its set-up and monitoring, thus ensuring its correct operation, as well as possible improvement of them.

Periodic maintenance of the equipment under warranty will be carried out, under the conditions of the manufacturers, subcontracting the maintenance with the manufacturers in case of exclusivity or particular conditions of loss of the guarantee. Likewise, first-level corrective maintenance will be carried out for all equipment and facilities, regardless of the conditions and warranty periods.

The team of dedicated staff at Acosta Enterprises takes care of designing and defining the schedule with regard to operational aspects of medical equipment in order to ensure that treatment schedules are met as and when required. Contact Acosta Enterprises for a comprehensive range of general or advanced medical equipment, machinery, and other allied supplies, also for the complete range of preventive and maintenance services.