As a landlord or a property owner, one of the biggest responsibilities that you would have is obtaining your gas safety certificate. You need to provide a safe space for your tenants. As long as they are renting your property, their safety is your responsibility. As per the UK law, all the landlords that are renting out their property should get a gas safety certificate every year.

The gas safety certificate is issued by a company that is licensed to issue such certificates. Before issuing the certificate, the company that is chosen to obtain the certificate has to send their engineers to inspect the property and all the gas appliances installed by the landlord. The inspecting engineer checks all the equipment and ensures that there are no gas leaks and that all of them work within the safety limits. The engineer that is inspecting your appliances should be gas safe registered engineers only then the certificate would be valid.

Here are a few important factors to be taken into account when you are organising a gas safety inspection. Look for the best agency for gas safety certificate Lanarkshire has to offer to entrust your needs. You may have already rented out the house and the gas safety certificate that you already possess may have come to expiry. Or you are applying for your gas safety certificate for the first time, as you have recently owned the property.

If the rental property is free and yet to be occupied by a tenant, then things would be a lot simpler. You just need to name a time and your gas safety certificate Paisley agency would send their experts to check the appliances. In case, if your property is already rented out and is occupied by a tenant, then you need to coordinate with your tenant for their convenient time and organise the inspection date and time. The key should be collected from your tenant and the house should be inspected.

If your tenant has installed any gas appliance of their own then you need not have to worry about getting those appliances inspected. You need to inspect only the appliances that come with the house and the associated flues.

Remember, you need to get the certificate before the previous certificate expires. So do not wait for the old certificate to expire before you get the gas safety agency to your house for an inspection. Once the inspection is completed and the certificate obtained, then you are supposed to share the record of gas safety certificate with your tenant within 28 days after checking the appliances.

As this is an ongoing need, you may want to find an agency that you could go to regularly so that there is no need to screen your gas safety certification agency every year. Only the first year, you may need to carefully review the credentials of the agency that you are planning to call for inspection. Once you have established their credibility then it becomes easy in the subsequent years.


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