The challenges young, aspiring footballers have to go through before starting their professional career is unimaginable. Football pundits and legends often ask, “Why are so many talented players lost through the academy process?” That’s a million-dollar question no one cares negozio harmont e blaine geox outlet online harmont and blain benetton outlet online shop sito ufficiale geox borsa la milanese scarpe geox uomo outlet zaini gabs saldi benetton outlet online shop harmont&blain negozio harmont e blaine harmont and blaine harmont&blain geox outlet online harmont blaine to answer. Another trend being observed is that football players are not as persistent and strong at the core as players before they used to be. So many players are dropping off from their professional career, leaving behind the opportunity that only a few gets to have out of millions.

There is no denying that football is a highly competitive sport. It takes years of hard work and dedication to reach the top and get some spotlight. However, there are some players who caught the eye of millions around the world, not through social media bragging and marketing but through their skills and talent, and one of those individuals is Truitt Battin. He is 6 ft and 178 lbs young midfielder from Saint Charles East, who lives, breathes, and dreams football every single day.

Like many others, Truitt also started his journey from an early age, starting with his college football team, hoping one day their talent will speak for themselves, and the coach will give him the chance to pursue his dreams. The biggest challenge Truitt had to face is getting selected out of thousands of other players looking for the same opportunity and play professional football.

Do you know? Out of 1.5 million players who play organized youth football in England, only 180 of them make it as Premier League Pros. But what if opportunity knocks at your doorstep, and no matter how hard you try, the door just won’t open? Something like that happened with Battin as well. He was offered a professional contract to play professional soccer in Europe for Red Star in Belgrade Serbia. At that time, he was 11 years old, which would’ve been the youngest player in history to sign for any club, but life doesn’t always give you what you want, does it? FIFA rules made that difficult because the rules wouldn’t let a kid move to Europe all by himself.

An experience like this for an 11-year-old kid is not only heartbreaking but can also shatter morale. In situations like this, there are two types of responses, people who start cursing the system and play the blame game by calling quits, and then there are those who get back up, dust themselves and keep moving forward. Truitt Battin was never the former. He started working even harder, maintained his reputation as one of the key players in his team.

He does EXOS training, which makes it clear that recovery is just as important as training hard. According to many football coaches and established players, EXOS training is all around amazing – helps improve all-around game such as increasing speed and attain well-rounded strength throughout. During the off-season, he trains twice a day, which is hard for any professional footballer, but it’s what makes him better.

Fortunately, his hard work paid off, and he got the opportunity to play for clubs in Europe. But that was the beginning for the young talent. His preferred position on the football field has always been on the left-wing, which many know is one of the most challenging positions to play. Currently, Truitt is playing Professional soccer in Croatia but has played in Switzerland for FC Sion and in Serbia for Red Star and FK Partizan, where he started his professional soccer career. He is also 1 of 7 USA pro FIFA soccer players playing in Europe, which is a huge achievement for any young football talent. His talent is appreciated all across Europe and is often invited to Europe every summer to play pro for Red Star, FK Partizan, and some other teams.

It is said that “As a youngster, you are fed a dream, you know very little else.” Football is a life long dream for many kids around the world. Yes, the road to success is never easy, but isn’t that what makes everything worth it? The story of Truitt Battin is of sheer will and commitment. He proved that hard work always pays off sooner or later.