Pain Healing Massage Therapies

Therapeutic massage may alleviate pain through a variety of mechanisms, including soothing sore muscles , tendons and joints; alleviate stress and anxiety; or may “close the pain door” by stimulating competing nerve fibers and preventing pain signals from getting into the brain.

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Which are the advantages of therapy massage?

Many massage methods have been designed to help ease discomfort, relieve tension and enhance everyday movement.

It has been shown that therapeutic massages enhance joint strength, relieve lower back pain and induce endorphine release. The following conditions can also be used to treat and prevent:

  • Arthritis
  • Sporting failures, failures at work and repeated strain injuries
  • Fear, depression , fatigue and tension
  • Pain related to walking or running
  • Bad posture and suboptimal movement of the body

How good is pain relief massage?

There is no doubt that a good rubbing down will relieve tired, overworked muscle pain and tightness. There is that evidence now that it is also able to help to reduce chronic (long-lasting) pain , especially the lower back type. A review of 262 patients in the Internal Medicine Archives showed that massage is much higher than acupuncture or patient care in relieving back pain. 74 percent of patients reported that after 10 weeks a massage had been “very effective,” with just 46 percent of patients getting acupuncture and only 17 percent reading self-help. The risk of massage patients being bedridden with pain was also four times lower than other patients.

What are the various types of massage?

Swedish massage is the first technique to be mastered by most practitioners, “says Madore, which includes adding oil and helps to promote relaxation.

Certain forms and techniques of massage include:

  • Reiki: Provides a gentle touch and is intended to communicate with the strength of the body.
  • craniosacral therapy: only 5 grams of pressure are involved and affect the central nervous system.
  • Deep tissue massage: use high pressure and reach for deep muscle layers, tendons and fascia. • Deep tissue massage:
  • Rolfing and myofascial release: involves more vigorous strategies for soft tissues manipulation.

Is massage secure?

Body Massage in Al Barsha is very secure, especially when performed by a professional who is experienced and licensed. Though, it’s not completely risk-free. A research published in Rheumatology found that there were 16 individual cases in which massage caused significant injuries, including nerve damage and, in one instance, bruised liver. The study concluded that these complications are “real rareties” most possibly occurring in the hands of laypeople, or using more aggressive techniques like shiatsu.

Massage can be dangerous to those with deep veins, burns, infections in the skin, eczema, open wounds, broken bones and advanced osteoporosis, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Cancer patients should discuss the protection of massage therapy with their oncologists as there may be an increased risk of certain adverse effects, such as internal hemorrhage or the dislodging of blood clots.