Before we begin, the assumption here is that it’s a given that you surely understand that tractors are a long-term investment. This means that there are countless considerations to be made, both financial and otherwise, before buying a tractor. As far as the run-of-the-mill parameters are concerned, things like, loans, financing, insurance, repairs etc. are almost a given for any brand that is offering a heavy-duty product such as a tractor. But apart from these parameters that are almost identical across all the products and industries, the agriculture industry, and tractors in particular have some unique parameters which need to be taken into consideration. So here’s what an aspiring farmer, whether as a professional or as a hobbyist needs to take into consideration before purchasing a tractor:

  1. HP @ RPM: Remember, it’s not only about getting a good HP range, but also taking note of the RPM, i.e., the Rotations Per Minute in which the optimum horsepower is delivered. Both these factors are important in tandem since it is important for a farmer to decide exactly what kind of total output they’re looking for, which is a combination of both these factors.


  1. Clutch: Make sure to choose wisely between a single and a dual-clutch system. This makes sure that maintaining the right amount of RPM is easier and more accessible for each and every farming session.


  1. Lift: A tractor in itself is of little use if it is not powerful to lift the implements you need it to. So, before making a purchase for any tractor, make sure that you get the right tractor which can haul the implements specific to the kind of farming you practice.


  1. Steering: To make farming more efficient in the 21st century, make sure that your tractor definitely has a power steering. Further customising it with suitable grips for additional control will only make farming easier for any aspiring farmer. So, before buying a tractor, make sure you can move it right to begin with.

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