As COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are easing around the world, many employees are getting back to work with the utmost care possible. Even the organisations are ready to run the company with 50% of staff to decrease the contact as much as possible. In this scenario, you might be one of those people who has to go back to the workplace.

However, after getting used to the family and adapting to the home timings and food, you may find it hard again to work at the office. It may seem boring or plain to you at your work desk without the humdrum of your personal life. If you’re one of those persons who are feeling like that, then this blog is a must-read for you.

We will tell here some of the amazing ways to decorate your office desk so that you feel like you’re not too far from home. Along with the ideas, we also tell you how to make them look professional and suitable for your office environment.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the topic and find out what you can do to make your office desk interesting and homely.

  • Personalised stationery

Stationery like pencils, pens, notepads, etc. are necessary and compulsory items that you need at your office desk. So, instead of using plain and simple on-the-counter products, you can personalise them to your taste. For instance, you can turn the outer structure of your pen by attaching a fun-cartoon picture. Or you can paste your kid’s picture to feel homely.

For a pleasant change, bring one of your children’s stationery and keep at your desk. You don’t have to use it but keeping personalised items at your work desk will make you feel less homesick. Think more about the changes you can do to your stationery so that when you are using any item, you feel like you’re at home.

  • Colourful keyboards and mouse pads

One of the easy ways to enhance your office desk is by giving a colourful touch to your keyboards and mouse pads. Is there any colour that makes you feel homely and trigger home memories? Then decorate your office desk reflecting the same theme as your home. For instance, if you love warm colours like orange, yellow, red, etc., then make subtle changes to your office desk so that it appears in a combination of your home colours.

On the other hand, take care that the office desk is not flashy or too bright after decorating it. It not only looks unprofessional but it will also not be according to your office standards. This is the reason you always have to keep the decoration simple but attractive.

  • Bring a home plant

It may sound cliche but bringing a home plant from your home and placing at your office desk will surely improvise the look. Not only appearance, but you will feel at ease that your favourite plant is at your care at the office too. By looking at it and nurturing the plant by pouring water will bring a serene feeling to you. You can feel at ease too after going back to the office after a long time gap.

However, make sure you’re not carrying big plants or messy pots with you. According to your office standards and keeping in mind about the cleanliness guidelines, bring a small and cost pot along with you.

  • Family and friends’ pictures

You might have heard and seen this about a lot – keeping the pictures of your family and friends. And we say it’s the best way to bring a homely feel to your office desk. Having smiling faces of your family looking at your will surely boost the mood, and you will feel close to home though you may be miles away.

And here too, you have to make sure that you are not over decorating your office desk by keeping pictures everywhere. It should always seem organised and simple by only placing two to three photographs. Or else, you can make a collage and keep all the photos in one place.

  • Quirky organisers

There’s nothing that gives you immense satisfaction such as organisers. They help to keep your workspace clean and disciplined. If you are a person who likes to keep pen stands, trays, notepad, and file organisers at your desk, then opt for quirky and funny ones rather than plain or simple ones. They add colour to your space, boost your mood, and make you feel at ease in your office space. They help to lessen the frustration or tiredness that you may have after a long tiring day. While leaving your office desk, you can make sure that it’s tidy and clean, a pleasant welcome to you on the next day.

  • A picture of your home or hometown

Is your office desk small and there’s not a huge space for placing personalised items at your desk? Then you can opt by simply placing a picture of your home or hometown you grew up in. One look at the picture, it immediately takes you back to your home and makes you feel at ease. This is the best way to personalise your desk by cluttering it with various items.

  • Other personalised accessories

If you think pictures and photo frames are too old for you, then place personalised items like key chains, decor items (dream catchers, small flowers, etc.). Hang them at your desk at a place where you can see them directly. Look at them whenever you miss your home or being Ina comfortable place. It’s the best way to achieve a homely look at your office.

  • Inspirational quotes or famous personalities’ pictures

Another quick and simple way to personalise your home is by placing a poster of any inspirational or motivating quotes. Place the same at your home to give the vibes of your room at your office. However, take care that the placed quote or picture of the person is not offending anyone or crossing the standards of anything.

Feel at Ease at Your Desk

After being adjusted to your home timings and time table, going back to the office can bring an uneasy feeling. You may feel nostalgic at your workplace thinking about your home. So, personalising your desk is the best way to get a homely feel. Try these ideas today and see how it instantly changes the appearance of your desk in a way that you will feel both comfortable and professional.