Photography has evolved drastically over the last two centuries. It all started with the first camera that was built using a plain box that, instead of clicking photos the way we do today, was capable of nothing more than the projection of a blurry inverted image on a screen. Today we have mini-computers small enough to fit into our smartphones and DSLRs that give crystal clear images. Today, photography has become a field of study that is taught in special schools and has a myriad of applications in so many aspects of our lives. Depending upon the subject of photography and the use the images may be put to, it has branched into several types –  

  • Man-Made objects can be the subjects of photography.  
  • Food Photography has gained popularity in the last few years due to the increasing use of social media. Food photography may be used for commercial purposes – like in recipe books, advertisements, and menus.  
  • Still Life Photography, as the name implies, is clicking images of still objects.
  • Architectural Photography that tries to capture the essence of city landscapes.
  • Nature offers what nothing else can, the beauty of life on different scales, regions, landscapes, and whatnot. \
  • Taking pictures of a natural scene, landscapes, seascapes, etc
  • Wildlife photography is all about capturing animals in their natural habitat.
  • Underwater photos, though not easy to take can capture the hidden underwater aspects of nature and it’s pristine aqua life. 
  • Astrophotography is about capturing a part of the vast and unending universe, the night sky with all its galaxies, and the stars that can leave anyone mesmerized. Although it could be called a part of a bigger genre – Scientific Photography that covers images ranging in scale from microscopic to macroscopic.

Photography that involves People as objects. They may be 

  • Portraits aiming to capture the character of the subject, capture the essence of his personality and his emotions into an image. 
  • Fashion, similar to portraiture in some ways is a genre of photography that is usually intended for advertisements and branding of products (apparel). However, this has gained popularity on social media as well.
  • Wedding Photos are an attempt at capturing one of the most important events of people’s lives – their wedding. 
  • Commercial Photography, although a very broad category in itself, can sometimes use people as subjects to sell a product and connect with potential consumers and clients. 
  • Lifestyle Photography aims at capturing people in real-life situations, events, or even in their important moments to tell a story through art. It may even be used for commercial/advertisement purposes.

The above list is an attempt to show how vast the subject of photography is and how diverse are the uses photographs are put to. Although it covers only a fraction of the total number of genres, it gives a rough idea of its versatility.