While looking for wedding locations is a relatively fun activity, it’s the research that comes after finalizing your location that matters. It’s not easy to plan a wedding, no matter how much time you have left for it. Whether you still have a year or even as little as 3 months, you might constantly find yourself being anxious about forgetting a crucial detail for the success of your wedding.

When it comes to planning to hire a professional wedding planner, this anxiety might rise even further (just like your location!). There are a lot of precautions that come hand in hand with a high altitude wedding and although you might not have thought about it immediately, you must overcome this challenge as soon as possible.

  • Weather can be extremely unpredictable

While planning a high altitude wedding, you can never be too sure about the weather. Since you are quite a few feet away from the recommended sea level, the weather is bound to be predictable at a higher altitude.

Once you’re prepared for it yourself, you need to inform all of your guests to be prepared for all weather conditions. It could be 90 degrees on a summer day, it could be raining or you might even witness a little hail. Warn the guests of this well, and they’ll be able to prepare with a light jacket or umbrella in hand.

  • Prepare for the results of a drunken night 

A wedding is a celebration; two lovers come together as one and plan to live together happily ever after. Now if that doesn’t call for a celebration, what does? On your wedding night, there are going to be a lot of guests who are going to drink much more than the recommended amount and since alcohol tends to hit harder on a higher sea level, it’s best to be prepared for it well in advance.

To guide your guests back to their hotel rooms, prepare conveyance in advance to ensure that none of your guests has to go back in an unsafe breath.

  • Don’t forget the forgetful! 

Even though you might take your time out to inform the guests about the weather well in advance, there are going to be a few of them that forget and end up showing up to the wedding without the right precautions.

As an accountable host, it’s important to prepare yourself for the guests that didn’t prepare themselves. Take in a few extra blankets and umbrellas, for safety reasons. It can’t hurt to be cautious!

  • High altitude safety can be slightly more complicated

A high altitude wedding calls for its level of preparedness. Naturally, you’re going to want to be prepared for the sake of your guests and your safety, to ensure that no problem occurs at a moment when it’s too late.

It’s recommended that you tie-up with a wedding organizer that can help you take an appropriate amount of precautions during the entirety of your wedding. High Mountain Weddings offers Lake Tahoe wedding packages, all-inclusive of the wants and needs you could have. For more details about what they have to offer, you can refer to their website for the specifications.

Always remember that no matter how stressful the planning of a wedding might seem, the result will always end up warming your heart, even if none of it goes according to plan. The union of two souls will always be the crux of a wedding. Allow yourself to enjoy it thoroughly. Happy wedding season!