The augmented reality-based video game, Pokémon Go, is still ruling the hearts of gamers. The major credit for this goes to its developer, Nintendo, who keeps on including new features and updates in it. Following their perseverance, Nintendo has now added the Ghost Pokémon aspects to it. The franchise has numerous fans who have mesmerized with the Ghost-type Pokémon, such as Haunter or Gastly, since they first introduced in the famous anime series. Now finally, the much-awaited aspect of Ghost Pokémon has been updated in Pokémon Go. If you are one of the gamers who are intended to add Ghost-Type Pokémon to your lineup, follow the below-provided workaround. It is highly suggested to read the article carefully to avail of the best results through it.

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What is Ghost-Type Pokémon

Before heading towards the process of catching Ghost-Type Pokémon, let us a first brief about them. The Ghost-type Pokémon are generally considered as the haunted in the Poké world. Several of them have psychic abilities, whereas few of them are made existing in the gaseous state. Nintendo has added around 25 Ghost-Type Pokémons to the A-R world of Pokémon Go. The list contains popular names such as HaunterMisdreavusAlolan MarowakGastlyGengarShedinjaBanetteShuppetDuskullDrifloonGolurkGolettChandelureLampentLitwickCofagrigusYamaskGiratinaDusclopsMismagiusDrifblimFroslassDusknoirSableye, and Spiritomb.

Following the pattern of their video game, Nintendo has included all these Pokémons in shiny forms too. The only weakness of the Ghost-types Pokémons is either ghost-types or dark-types. Except for these two types, the Ghost-type Pokémon doesn’t feel vulnerable against any other type of Pokémon. So, the gamers need to be aware of these facts before they use their Ghost-type Pokémon in the battle.

How to Catch Ghost-type Pokémon

Gamers can only catch the Ghost-type Pokémon in the night. The spawn rate of these Pokémons is very low. Thus, they are hard to find. The precise time for catching the Ghost-type Pokémon is between 8 PM to 7 AM.  However, several gamers have considered 2 AM as a peak time to catch the Ghost-type Pokémon in Pokémon Go. The gamers should start looking for the Ghost-type Pokémon in shady places near their house. Although, the imposed lockdown has altered the navigation feature of Pokémon Go. Thus, gamers can also catch the Ghost-type Pokémon at home during the time, as mentioned above.

Instead of the above-discussed method, there is no other way of catching the Ghost-type Pokémon. Although, the Halloween event or tasks research rewards can help the gamers to put their hands upon Ghost-type Pokémon. Besides, several gamers have also stated that they have caught the Ghost-type Pokémon in the daytime. However, the gamers who are keen to obtain Ghost Pokémon in the day must be lucky enough to find them.


Nintendo has become one of the leading game developers as well as a marketer in the whole world. Pokémon Go is one of the major reasons behind the massive success of Nintendo in the past few years. In this article, we are going to provide all the necessary information available on Pokémon Go. The primary focus of our article is on the Ghost-type Pokémon aspect of the Pokémon Go. We have tried to accumulate all the information in our article to make a proper guide to catch Ghost-type Pokémon in Pokémon Go. We hope that our article will help you to accomplish your purpose and will surely find it useful.

Gamers who are intended to attain the gaming experience of Pokémon Go can obtain it through AndroidiOS, and Windows smartphones.