The corona virus epidemic has given all of us a new outlook on life. It has always been a challenge for us to understand and play the real role of right to equality while living in an environment that supports inequalities. Keeping this in mind, PR24x7 one of the leading PR agencies in the country has dedicated this Diwali to the house-help or maids as DIDI’s who took full care of you and your loved ones during the entire pandemic. The company today launched a #DIDIKAAMWALI campaign, urging people from across the country to dedicate to Diwali, to their house-help or maids.

Talking about the #DIDIKAAMWALI campaign, Mr. Atul Malikram, Founder, PR 24X7 said, “The basic objective of this campaign is to honor the Didis or Bais who took care of our families selflessly during the pandemic, Diwali is a festival of celebration and in between the society that is struggling with insecurities we pledge to celebrate our festivities with them and urge others to also to do the same, just as doctors, scavengers and police these maid’s, Bai’s or house-helps have helped us equally to stay safe from Corona and contributed with their share by playing the role of Corona Warrior, taking special care of our food, cleanliness and providing special protection during the COVID-19 duration. With the #DIDIKAAMWALI campaign we also want to make people aware of the indecency they face, so that any kind of exploitation happening to them can be put on full stop.”

With the #DIDIKAAMWALI campaign starting on November 4, you can also take part in the #SelfiewithDidi Competition by taking a selfie with your house-help; bai’s and also get a chance to win some attractive gifts by participating in the competition. You can share a selfie celebrating the joy and festivities of Diwali with your house-help who took care of your family, aside from her needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has run many such campaigns, which have done some social and good work for enhancing the society and giving a new direction to the immature views and myths of our society.