Amidst the perilous global pandemic, one can safeguard oneself only with defensive measures due to the absence of an actual cure. The rising perplexity in fighting the epidemic has added to the number of casualties’ minute by minute. Each day seems to bring unfortunate news a lot worse than a day before. However, recognizing the commonalities, it has brought each one of us together as in to aid the elimination of the increasing danger associated with the spread of the virus. So, what role can you play to protect your loved ones?
  1. When being exposed to surroundings, make certain use of masks and anti-bacterial sanitizers along with other medicinal care in the case of having been diagnosed with flu or fever beforehand.
  2. Obviate the mandatory physical gestures including handshakes and similar physical contact.
  3. Prevent attending to crammed gatherings of more than 3 or 4 persons accommodated at lesser space.
  4. Ostracize a healthy individual from the personal space of a diseased being, be it common flu or mere symptoms of covid-19.
  5. Using public transport and coming in contact with public properties, do not let your hands touch your face, nose or ear openings. It may provide a pathway to the germs inside your body.
  6. Unless much needed to, try staying indoors in order to prevent the risk of experiencing either of the symptoms associated with the covid-19.
  7. Make plenty use of the holidays by educating your children regarding the national emergency instead of visiting recreational spots.
  8. Whilst sneezing or coughing, use a napkin or tissue to cover your mouth. Let not passersby be adversely affected.
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